Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

The Start to Our Newest Adventure!

Even though I'm a few months behind on blogging (waiting for the off season of photos to catch up on that!!), I couldn't wait to post these pictures!  We have a HOLE!! A really awesome absence of dirt in the place that will soon be our home! I seriously cannot wait until we finally sign those papers and FINALLY put some roots down for our little family!  I can't wait for our white house with a red door and all of the memories the boys will make here in their childhood home.  I'll write more later, but I had to post these now.  I'm so excited for this new adventure, and am pretty anxious for March to get here (even though it's going to be super fun watching every little thing that gets accomplished since it's around the corner from where we live now!)

Friday, August 28, 2015

The Whole Fam Damily Family Pics - Antelope Island Family Pictures

I seriously don't know why I look forward to family pictures.  It's the most stressful day ever. But it's always worth it when I see the final result.  I love these pictures! My favorite though - Deacon getting punched in the face with a smile on his face.  I wish I had a video of the thud when he hit the ground. But he got right back up with a smile! Such a funny kid. 

Big thanks to Emma's Chris for taking these pictures - and lots of really ugly selfies.

Deacon & Emmy's Inspiration Shoot

Tonight was so fun.  Not just from a photographer's perspective - but from a momma with one of her best friends.  Chelsea and I talked about doing this shoot for quite a while, but I'm glad it finally happened.  Even if the babies didn't cooperate as well as we would have hoped.  I'm so bummed I forgot my memory card.  Chelsea and I took turns with her camera. But I know we both would have grabbed a few more shots than we did if we had two cameras.  Rookie mistake.  Oh well.  That's what happens when I am mom and photographer.  Something gets forgotten.  

I can't wait to watch Deacon and Emmy grow up together.  I hope Emmy and Deacon and Tim and Boston continue to grow close as friends.  I love living by family.  But it's been obvious that although we have lots of close family by, my friendships mean just as much to me!

Deacon's bowtie was provided by Jonnie & Nash.  Love them!