Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Haven't blogged in a while so thought I would share some new stuff with us. As most of you know, Brock has been going in for routine EEGs to figure out his seizures. Doctors have never noticed actual seizure activity on the EEGs until this last one which is the biggest blessing! Apparently, his medications were covering the seizure activity, but now that he's not taking hardly any medications, the activity finally showed on the test. This means the doctors can tell exactly where the seizures are occuring in his brain. The great news in this is Brock's current doctor, Dr. Varma, wants Brock to be admitted into the University of Utah hospital's progam for seizure correcting brain surgery. Essentialy, the doctors will remove the part of his brain, provided it doesn't effect his speech, motor skills, etc, and his seizures will be gone...FOREVER! We are so excited to get started in this process and are very greatful for this great news. It's kind of bitter sweet having a husband with seizures because my dad had seizures because of his brain tumor. As we all know, trials that we go through in life tend to prepare us for something else we will go through later. This may sound stupid, but there have been so many times when I've wondered if my dad had to die to prepare me for having a husband who would be sick or having something happen to him young. After going through this, I've realized that I wouldn't have known how to react to a person with seizures or be okay with my husband needing brain surgery. Because I've been through my dad having a couple brain surgeries and seeing him have seizures, it has made it so easy for me to just go with the flow on these things. I'm so grateful that Heavenly Father prepared me for this because Brock is the most important part of my life! (I totally sound like a Utah Mormon wife right now....)

So onto fun stuff....We finally got Brock a NEW wedding band - yes that's right...I said new. He seemed to have lost his original one. He didn't get anything fancy this time - just a plain white gold band. I actually like it better than the last one, although I wish he wouldn't have lost it! We made sure to get this one tight so he won't be tempted to take it off and play with it like he did with his first one.

Another thing we are excited about is that we are going to disneyland with Brock's family in December. I can't wait!!! It's going to be tough because it's the week before finals so we are definitely going to have to take some time to fit studying in. I also want to go see Wicked in LA while we are there because rumor has it the tickets will be $300 EACH here in Salt Lake which would make that impossible!!! I'm just looking forward to another vacation. And, the week after we get home, I will graduate which is especially exciting!! Everything is changing so much for us right now, and it truly is an adventure. I have no idea what the next 4 months have in store for me as far as work goes. We'll see!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My friend sent me this - watch it!

This is an issue in the upcoming election.  Watch this video.  It's absolutely INSANE!!!

Click here.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Dani's Ohio Trip

I just had the chance to go back to Ohio with my mom and her husband. I love going back and seeing my family and feeling "at home" again. My grandpa had a little get-together of my mom's side of the family. I love seeing all my great-aunts and great-uncles and cousins. We even found out when we were there that my uncle in Germany is expecting a baby! (Total shocker because his youngest is 7 right now!)

I got to go to the Kirtland Temple, although I didn't do the tour. I've done it enough times, and frankly, I just don't like going through with people from a different church who don't always get their facts strait! (The RLDS church owns the temple). I was so excited to get some pictures, but it was a completely overcast day which makes for white backgrounds - not so pretty. Maybe next time!

Brock and I were talking about possibly going back next summer. My grandma cried when we left, and it's so hard to leave her knowing she really doesn't have anyone there who loves her! (Except my aunt, but she's always really busy). I love me family so much and am very happy that I got to go back and spend time with them.

The one in the browns shirt is my second cousin, Brett. He is the only cousin I have close to my age (even though he's my great-uncle's son). We grew up playing all the time. I used to be stronger than him, but as you can see now, I'm not!! He towers over me and he's a year younger!

Here's some pics of me and my grandpa and my grandma with mom.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Brock's Softball

Anyone who knows Brock knows that softball is his passion. That said, we have spent at least half of our summer nights at the fields this year. I figured I better take some pictures since it's the end of the normal season - two pitch will start soon. Here's a few from the game the other night.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Funny Story

I got home from church today and noticed a missed a couple calls from a number i didn't recognize on my cell phone. I called the number back and a guy picked up. I said I missed a few calls and was just calling back and he introduced himself as someone interested in getting pictures taken. Then came the twist....he noticed that I have "fine art" in my portfolio (for landscapes, temples, etc) and he asked if I did nude photography. I went about trying to explain nicely that I didn't (because he said he had been referred by my family....) and eventually the guy starts cracking up. It was my little brother, Brenton, on his friend's cell phone. He's in Memphis selling security systems and I haven't talked to him in a while so i didn't even recognize his voice. So that's my story of my brother asking to take pictures of him naked....

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Another new business!

Brock felt left out....so he decided to start his own business.  We would love help getting the word out, so if you know anyone in need of sprinkler repairs or even installing a whole system, send them our way! The business card is a lot better in color, but it's not uploading right so I had to turn it black and white....blah. Brock got his first customer today, and it's a simple fix so he's excited. The best part - the guy who called is from an "adult community" - (aka: special needs adult community) so it was oh so fun trying to work with him to get a bid. It was actually kind of sweet because Brock was really patient with all the things the guy was telling him that made absolutely no sense!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Can't sleep so I'll Blog!

So I have this new thing going for me for about the last month - I can't get to sleep! Anyone who knows me well knows that I've NEVER been one of the those people who hits the pillow and I'm gone, but lately it's a nightly struggle to finally doze into a nice sleep. So it's 2:15 am, I've taken 2 tylenol PM, and I'm still awake....So I'm going to blog about my big accomplishment today. Even though I ate tons of junk food today (like I ALWAYS do when I go to my mother-in-law's house), I decided at about 11:45 tonight that I wanted to go running. I've been wanting to go for a long time, but I keep making up excuses or just never find the time (I don't dare go in the middle of the day). I've felt really fat lately, so I actually went tonight!

My sweet husband got on his bike and came with me. He was so funny to watch cause he had to go slow to stay with me so he was doing some pretty "boyish" things to entertain himself. First, he started peddling really fast because his bike gear was in 1/1. My family likes to call it the "witch pedal style" from the Wizard of Oz. You practically are just bouncing up and down on your seat with your legs moving super fast. Anyway, that's the first thing he did. Very funny. Next, he started going really fast and then jumping the curb. I could tell he was having a lot of fun which made it funny to me. Next, he decided to stop at a valve box, take the top off, and check out the sprinkler valves the university uses. That one was totally random. The last thing he did was to go down a steep grass hill while I was still running .... and he screamed something at first when he was doing it. I don't know what is up with him, but at least it was good entertainment!

So onto my funny part....there's only one......I ran less than a mile (we think....we don't really know how long it is).....and I had to walk some of it (not alot). It was pretty pathetic because I used to run cross county and I could run 10 miles without breathing hard at the end. And this is why I feel fat!!! I actually did pretty good. I tried not to push myself too hard, but it felt good to get out there and actually do it!

The tylenol PM is kicking in - I have double vision!!!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

4th of July

So anyone who knows me knows that I never go far without my camera. SO....here are some pictures of my cute nieces and cousin on the 4th of July. I already feel bad for mine and Brock's kids - they will ALWAYS have a camera on them, even on days that aren't holidays!

We spent the holiday at my in-law's house (again). We rarely ever go down to my mom's house for things (the drive to Farmington is unbearable for a certain someone in our family Ü) Just kidding - we are going to spend some time with my family on the 14th. My step-dad's whole family is going boating so I'm really excited to spend time with everyone finally. Brock worked today, too. Hopefully one day he will get a normal job where he gets holidays off because so far he's worked Thanksgiving, Christmas, and today! (plus more little holidays). I loved spending all of our first year of marriage holidays by myself....NOT!!! But, hey, we both love our job at Logan River and sacrifices have to be made.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Dani's Family

Being a photographer is a great job!  I get to hang out around the temple grounds.  My mom and little sisters, Lilli & Alice, came with me to shoot a wedding at the Salt Lake Temple.  I had rented a fish eye lens that day so we stayed after I was done shooting to get some shots of just the girls.  Even though none of these are with the fish eye, I love actually using my camera equipment to get some good shots that mean something to me!  And now I can see how much I look more and more like my mom!!  Let me know what you think of the panoramic picture of the top of the temple, too.  Just a little experiment I wanted to try.  I'm thinking of printing it for our house, but we'll see.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Lots of Updates

I haven't blogged in a while, but I figured I should write about all of our recent changes! First of all, Brock and I celebrated our FIRST ANNIVERSARY on May 10.  We went up to Bear Lake and stayed in a condo for the weekend.  It was such a great little getaway and a relief that we have made it through the first year!!

Romo decided to wrap himself around his leash outside while we were in Salt Lake taking students from work back and forth to the airport.  By the time we got home, it seemed like he was barely alive.  Now, a few weeks and $400 later, he's back to normal and living at his "grandma's" house because we moved to Aggie Village on campus!  We are living in a two bedroom apartment and like it so far.  All of our walls are cinder block so it definitely doesn't feel as homey.  I ordered some of those vinyl stickers to put up on the wall in some of my favorite quotes.  Here's a list of them and where I'm planning on putting them when I get them.
1.  Live every moment, laugh every day, love beyond words (for above the door)
2.  While life hands you lemons, make lemonade (for the kitchen)
3.  PRAYER - When life gets too hard to stand...kneel (for our bedroom)
4.  Be your own kind of beautiful (for the bathroom)
5.  Try a little harder to be a little better (for the living room)

We still have a lot to unpack, but it's coming along.  I will post pictures when we have it all decorated and stuff.

Brock got in a car wreck the other day.  He ended up going head on into a tree, but thanks to all the guardian angels in this family, he walked away without a scratch.  His arms a little sore, but we think it's from the airbags.  I was in Denver shooting a friend's wedding at the time.  It was heart wrenching to be out of state when my husband was in a wreck!  Of course it happened when I was out of town.

The photography business is going very well this month.  It is May though!  I do have some more shoots coming up.  We have truly been blessed with booking as many clients as we have.  It has helped us tremendously to stay on our feet!  It's just too bad there aren't as many weddings every month in the year as there are in May!  I think that's why it's been going so good.  

Monday, April 28, 2008

Hyde Park's Most Wanted.....ROMO CHRISTENSEN

We don't even have a teenage dog yet, but we already have a delinquent dog.  Today while Brock and I were at Lundstrom park coaching our little league team, our dog got out and proceeded to chase down neighbors.  Now, we have already had to talk to our neighbors about our dog getting out because the kids are scared of the dog, and sure enough, Romo apparently went chasing after them when he got out today!  They called to let us know he was out, but Brock didn't have his phone on him.  By the time he got the message, we were already on our way home.  When we pulled up to our house, two cops were sitting in their SUVs in our driveway.... I got out and asked how we could get Romo back but he pointed to the little idiot in the yard and said we just got a warning this time.  He's in his crate now....and for the rest of the night.  If our dog's behavior is any indicator to how our children will be, I don't want kids anymore!!

This is why I never pass up kids selling stuff on the sidewalk...

On my way home from work today, I noticed a few kids holding up a sign to cars to sell something.  An old friend taught me something that I have stuck to since and that is to NEVER pass up kids selling stuff on the side of the road.  I saw some water bottles and a cooler so I naturally figured it was lemonade without reading their sign.  I pulled up, rolled down my window, and asked how much.  They proceeded to point to their sign and said "50 cents for the big ones, 25 cents for the medium, and 10 cents for the small."  I was a little confused until I read the top of the sign that read "Crystal Rocks."  Then I looked down next to the water bottles I initially saw on the cooler and low and behold, there they were lined up by size....rocks.  I asked for a big one, gave the kids a 300% tip, and got my "crystal rock" (aka a clump of cement).  I thought it was really cute and got a crack out of the kids selling rocks on the sidewalk.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

"This Mormon Loves the Booze!"

So Brock and I went to the 4th game of the Jazz vs Rockets playoffs here in Salt Lake.  It was sooo much fun!!  As we were trying to find our seats, we noticed this sign that said "This Mormon Loves the Booze!"  We thought it was really funny, and then found out we were sitting right next to the guy holding it!  He was a really nice guy there with his kids and their signs got up on the Jumbo-Tron.
The game was awesome to watch.  It started at about 8:45 so I was pretty tired by the second half.  It was close the whole time and there was TONS of cheering since the Jazz have THE LOUDEST fans in the NBA!!!  I don't think we'll be going to any more games this year, but we have definitely discovered a new event we both love going to.  I'm sure we'll go tons next year!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

"Put Me In Coach..."

So, Brock and I have decided to take on a new "role" this summer. We are going to coach...are you ready....9 & 10 year old little league baseball!! The team is going to be the Wilson Rangers. We are pretty excited, but I'm a little nervous as to having to deal with the parents! We are coaching our nephews team. I guess none of the parents could take on the "head coach" position, so Brock and I decided he would be in charge of the actual coaching and I would be in charge of managing the behavior. I'm really super excited for it. I wish it was girls because boys are hard to deal with, but it should be fun. Hopefully it will get Brock excited for having his own little slugger around! We'll post some pictures when we start practice next week!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Brock and I have been having fun going to Jazz games the last couple weeks. Because the games were all sold out, I got on ebay and won tickets to the Spurs and the Nuggets games in the last seconds of the auctions. I went out and got us some jerseys to support our team and we had a GREAT time at both of the games. I think we'll go a lot more next year!! Playoff tickets are too expensive for us, but hopefully we'll get to some Bee's games this year. We're debating going to Denver in June because the Rockies play the Indians and Braves right next to each other. It couldn't be more perfect for us two, but we're trying to decide on if we should really spend the money on it!!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Dani's Temple Pictures

These are just some photos I have taken of the temples.  I'm kind of obsessed with sepia tones if you can't tell :)  Let me know what you think!! I'm contracted at a store called "On the Avenue" to sell the Salt Lake one so hopefully that goes well!!

Brock's Surgery

Haven't blogged for a while, but I thought I would update you all on our awesome easter weekend.  It all started when we went to Wyoming to spend easter with my family at my sister's house.  Brock's stomach was hurting him, and despite a couple trips to the store to get medication, it was getting worse.  By the time we drove home late Easter night, it was almost unbearable pain.  So, I called Logan Hospital to ask which side the appendix is on while Brock got onto WebMD to check the symptoms for appendicitis.  Because he pretty much had ALL the symptoms, we figured we better go into the emergency room.  Within an hour and a half of getting there and after a very uncomfortable test Brock had to go through, the doctors were wheeling my poor baby to the operating room to remove his "very sick" appendix.  The surgery went well, but being a young wife, I was pretty terrified.  His appendix hadn't ruptured so he was out of the hospital within 24 hours and back at home.  He rested for about a week before returning to work.  The best part of the whole story though is that his staples from his incisions were bothering him so much, that he took them out himself...with my tweezers.  That's my guy!!

Monday, February 18, 2008

China Reunion!!

In 2001, I went to teach English in Wuxi, China with a program called International Language Programs (ILP).  Well, a few people in my group, (there were 28 of us), decided to put together a little reunion.  Brock and I went to Lehi to Rachelle and Adam's house to meet up with everyone.  It was so much fun!!  The best part was seeing my old roommate, Stephanie (aka Stophnie Teacha as the China kids say), and hanging out with her and her husband.  It was great to see everyone else too!!  The couples who hosted it put together a great dinner and fun games.  We took time catching up with everyone and introducing our spouses to each other.  So much has changed with everyone since 2001!!  I got some pictures of all of us doing "Peace" signs and "Ultraman" signs (a chinese action figure the kids were obsessed with) because that's what all our kids would do when we took pictures of them.  Oh, and the little worm looking things with eyes, that's what we ate the first day we were there!! Talk about a welcome to China!!  This was a great night and brought back tons of great memories of teaching English in China.  By the end of the night, I definitely wanted to back!!

Saturday, January 26, 2008


So, we have a blog and website for our photography business, but I figured it's about time to make a blog for us since we have friends and family spread out all over! So, I'll just give a little history as to how we came about to be... "The Christensen Family!"
Brock and I met January 6, 2007 on a blind date. Our friend, Mike, set us up. I had just barely decided to start dating after being in another relationship, and Brock just liked to date and enjoy the college experience. Neither of us thought that a blind date with our friends would have ended in marriage! So, after being about an hour late because I told him to "Mapquest" the directions to my house, (you can see how much I cared about this date at the time), we ended up going bowling with our mutual friend, Mike, and his date, Liz. The highlight of the night was when Brock looked at the gross, stained, ceiling at the bowling alley and announced, "That's the prettiest sight I've seen all night." We went and hung out at his parents house with the other two, but they had to leave early. Brock put in a movie and put on the moves!! haha. After being out of the dating scene for about five months, i was pretty much in shock when he held my hand and put his arm around me. At about 3 am, we got a call from Mike saying my mom was looking for me so I went home. No sparks were really flying, but we ended up going out as friends a few more times. After playing basketball one night, I asked if he wanted to go watch a movie or something (mostly because it was an akward "goodbye" because we really didn't like each other).
That movie ended up being pretty much the point that we pin-point when we "fell in love." At the beginning of the movie we had no intentions of really seeing each other again, but during the movie we really got to like each other. I can't explain it, but I'm glad I remember it! He tried to kiss me during the movie, but I turned him down. That wouldn't last very many more days though!!! After a small
"breakup" (which lasted about 2 hours), the "rest was history."
We drove to Rock Springs about three weeks after meeting to get the diamond for my engagement ring. It is my mom's diamond from her ring from my dad. Brock proposed on February 12, 2007 in front of a baseball field at Lundstrom park in the middle of the day. He had my dad's baseball glove because he was re-lacing it for me. He reached into the back of his car and grabbed the glove and told me it was done. I put my hand in it to see how it felt and i felt something inside. I thought it was a piece of lace or something so I pulled it out and it was my ring!! It was very sentimental to me that he used my dad's baseball glove to propose because he included my dad in the process. Even though he asked my mom for permission to marry me, he also said he felt my dad was okay with it which meant a lot to me! Not to mention Brock reminds me of my dad more than anyone else!!

So, we continued getting to know each other while planning our wedding. Our original wedding date was June 22, but in typical Utah fashion, we moved it up to May 10...right after finals! Neither of us really got into the planning, but we managed to pull everything together with the help of our parents. We were sealed for time and all eternity in the Logan Temple on May 10. It was a beautiful day!!

Our honeymoon was so much fun (needless to say). The day after our wedding we drove to California to spend the week and Disneyland and the beach. One of our brother's put us up in a hotel right by the park and we were very grateful for that! It was fun to get our "Just Married" pins and wear them around the park.

We got a second honeymoon kind of when we went to Ohio in June for an open house and my aunt's house for my side of the family and friends. It was so great to see everyone and introduce them to Brock! One of our friendly rivals in our marriage is our favorite baseball teams - his is the Braves, mine is the Indians. So, we pretty much planned our open house around when the Braves were playing the Indians at Jacob's Field in Cleveland! We went to two games that week and it was such a great experience to be with Brock the first time he saw his favorite team in person. Not to mention we had AMAZING seats thanks to our good friend, Sherry!! It was such an awesome experience, and probably Brock's favorite of the whole "wedding" even though it was about a month after!

So, the summer was full of softball, softball, and....softball. It was really fun to play on the co-ed teams together and spend my summer nights watching him at the softball fields. At the time I wasn't too excited, but now I'm actually looking forward to it.

We started school up again in August, and we've been focusing on that since. I'm in my senior year and will walk in graduation this MAY!!! I'm really excited! I still have one class this summer, but I'm almost done. Brock on the other hand has years ahead of him, but he plans on going as far as a masters or PhD. He is going into Psychology and I'm getting my degree in Family and Human Development. We are both currently working at Logan River Academy as at risk youth councilors. We LOVE our jobs!! Our career goal is to eventually open a school like it, but that won't be for a while.

We recently started up a photography business, Christensen Photography. It's hard to say how it's going right now since it's winter, but we hope to get some more business once it starts to get a little warmer. You can check it out at www.candidsbydani.com. It's been really fun and a great learning experience.

We got a dog about a month ago. He's a red heeler and his name is Romo (after the Cowboys quarterback). He's our compromise for kids!! We both love him to death and he adds energy to our house. He's good therapy after our long work and school days!!

So, that's where we are right now, and that's how we became the "Christensen Family!"