Saturday, January 26, 2008


So, we have a blog and website for our photography business, but I figured it's about time to make a blog for us since we have friends and family spread out all over! So, I'll just give a little history as to how we came about to be... "The Christensen Family!"
Brock and I met January 6, 2007 on a blind date. Our friend, Mike, set us up. I had just barely decided to start dating after being in another relationship, and Brock just liked to date and enjoy the college experience. Neither of us thought that a blind date with our friends would have ended in marriage! So, after being about an hour late because I told him to "Mapquest" the directions to my house, (you can see how much I cared about this date at the time), we ended up going bowling with our mutual friend, Mike, and his date, Liz. The highlight of the night was when Brock looked at the gross, stained, ceiling at the bowling alley and announced, "That's the prettiest sight I've seen all night." We went and hung out at his parents house with the other two, but they had to leave early. Brock put in a movie and put on the moves!! haha. After being out of the dating scene for about five months, i was pretty much in shock when he held my hand and put his arm around me. At about 3 am, we got a call from Mike saying my mom was looking for me so I went home. No sparks were really flying, but we ended up going out as friends a few more times. After playing basketball one night, I asked if he wanted to go watch a movie or something (mostly because it was an akward "goodbye" because we really didn't like each other).
That movie ended up being pretty much the point that we pin-point when we "fell in love." At the beginning of the movie we had no intentions of really seeing each other again, but during the movie we really got to like each other. I can't explain it, but I'm glad I remember it! He tried to kiss me during the movie, but I turned him down. That wouldn't last very many more days though!!! After a small
"breakup" (which lasted about 2 hours), the "rest was history."
We drove to Rock Springs about three weeks after meeting to get the diamond for my engagement ring. It is my mom's diamond from her ring from my dad. Brock proposed on February 12, 2007 in front of a baseball field at Lundstrom park in the middle of the day. He had my dad's baseball glove because he was re-lacing it for me. He reached into the back of his car and grabbed the glove and told me it was done. I put my hand in it to see how it felt and i felt something inside. I thought it was a piece of lace or something so I pulled it out and it was my ring!! It was very sentimental to me that he used my dad's baseball glove to propose because he included my dad in the process. Even though he asked my mom for permission to marry me, he also said he felt my dad was okay with it which meant a lot to me! Not to mention Brock reminds me of my dad more than anyone else!!

So, we continued getting to know each other while planning our wedding. Our original wedding date was June 22, but in typical Utah fashion, we moved it up to May 10...right after finals! Neither of us really got into the planning, but we managed to pull everything together with the help of our parents. We were sealed for time and all eternity in the Logan Temple on May 10. It was a beautiful day!!

Our honeymoon was so much fun (needless to say). The day after our wedding we drove to California to spend the week and Disneyland and the beach. One of our brother's put us up in a hotel right by the park and we were very grateful for that! It was fun to get our "Just Married" pins and wear them around the park.

We got a second honeymoon kind of when we went to Ohio in June for an open house and my aunt's house for my side of the family and friends. It was so great to see everyone and introduce them to Brock! One of our friendly rivals in our marriage is our favorite baseball teams - his is the Braves, mine is the Indians. So, we pretty much planned our open house around when the Braves were playing the Indians at Jacob's Field in Cleveland! We went to two games that week and it was such a great experience to be with Brock the first time he saw his favorite team in person. Not to mention we had AMAZING seats thanks to our good friend, Sherry!! It was such an awesome experience, and probably Brock's favorite of the whole "wedding" even though it was about a month after!

So, the summer was full of softball, softball, and....softball. It was really fun to play on the co-ed teams together and spend my summer nights watching him at the softball fields. At the time I wasn't too excited, but now I'm actually looking forward to it.

We started school up again in August, and we've been focusing on that since. I'm in my senior year and will walk in graduation this MAY!!! I'm really excited! I still have one class this summer, but I'm almost done. Brock on the other hand has years ahead of him, but he plans on going as far as a masters or PhD. He is going into Psychology and I'm getting my degree in Family and Human Development. We are both currently working at Logan River Academy as at risk youth councilors. We LOVE our jobs!! Our career goal is to eventually open a school like it, but that won't be for a while.

We recently started up a photography business, Christensen Photography. It's hard to say how it's going right now since it's winter, but we hope to get some more business once it starts to get a little warmer. You can check it out at It's been really fun and a great learning experience.

We got a dog about a month ago. He's a red heeler and his name is Romo (after the Cowboys quarterback). He's our compromise for kids!! We both love him to death and he adds energy to our house. He's good therapy after our long work and school days!!

So, that's where we are right now, and that's how we became the "Christensen Family!"