Monday, February 18, 2008

China Reunion!!

In 2001, I went to teach English in Wuxi, China with a program called International Language Programs (ILP).  Well, a few people in my group, (there were 28 of us), decided to put together a little reunion.  Brock and I went to Lehi to Rachelle and Adam's house to meet up with everyone.  It was so much fun!!  The best part was seeing my old roommate, Stephanie (aka Stophnie Teacha as the China kids say), and hanging out with her and her husband.  It was great to see everyone else too!!  The couples who hosted it put together a great dinner and fun games.  We took time catching up with everyone and introducing our spouses to each other.  So much has changed with everyone since 2001!!  I got some pictures of all of us doing "Peace" signs and "Ultraman" signs (a chinese action figure the kids were obsessed with) because that's what all our kids would do when we took pictures of them.  Oh, and the little worm looking things with eyes, that's what we ate the first day we were there!! Talk about a welcome to China!!  This was a great night and brought back tons of great memories of teaching English in China.  By the end of the night, I definitely wanted to back!!