Thursday, February 26, 2009


Brock and I bought tickets to go to Hawaii last night! Neither of us have ever been, and we are so excited.  My ticket was my graduation gift from my mom and sister.  We're staying with friends so we don't even have to worry about paying for a hotel or anything!  We are going October 8-17 so we'll be there over my birthday, too.  I can't wait to go and lay on the beach and be warm, especially when it's so cold here right now.  

Some more updates on us while I'm at it.... Brock is going in for surgery on March 27.  We're hoping this may possibly cure his epilepsy, but there's a chance it won't.   It will be nice for that to be done and over with because he'll be out of work for about a month and half.  And the best part is that he still wants to play in the May day softball tournament....We'll see about that!!  He's a little concerned about the scar he'll have on his head, too.  I told him scars are hot though ;)