Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Things to Remember

Since I haven't gotten around to writing in my "baby journal" since about two months ago, I wanted to write down some things about the last little while as being pregnant!

Baby Update
15 1/2 weeks as of today
Heard the heartbeat at the last appointment
Next appointment in two weeks
Find out gender on DECEMBER 17th! This day couldn't come fast enough!

Mommy Update
Started throwing up during week 11....who does that, seriously?
Starting to feel better now (as long as I sleep in until noon....I don't know how that will work
during my next pregnancy when I already have a baby....haha)
I lost weight at the beginning, but I'm starting to feel like I'm gaining some back.... (should I be happy about this?)

Foods I can't get enough of:
*Cinnamon toast & hot chocolate
*Multi-grain cheerios
Cottage cheese
*Peppermint Tea
*foods that I always at as a kid and rarely ate before getting pregnant.
Isn't it amazing our comfort foods never change?!

Baby Bump
I wish someone would have told me the theory that the earlier you tell others you are pregnant, the earlier you show....BEFORE i told everyone... My "baby bump" pretty much just looks like I did before I lost weight this year, but at least now it's not "fat." :)

Overall, I feel like I've done pretty good in the "not spending money" department....so far....
My sister-in-law, Holly, told me about this great deal on a Graco car seat and stroller
for $100 at Target. So obviously I couldn't pass that one up! That was the first thing I bought.
The JJ Cole warehouse just had their huge sale and I got a few more baby things there.
All together, I got a few diaper bags, bundleme car seat warmers, strap covers, burp rags,
nursery storage boxes, crib sheets, and some diapering accessories
(and Grandma actually bought most of it! Thanks Grandma Steph!)

I cleared out the nursery closet of all of our storage yesterday so I could start putting
together the things I have bought so far. Yes, I know it's a little early to be doing this,
but I had fun ;) We already have a crib thanks to my awesome friend! But we haven't
put that up yet. We haven't even gotten in from my mother-in-law's garage...

I went boogie boarding TONS while I was there. Looking back on it, I can't believe this
little on decided to stay inside me. I flipped quite a few times and swallowed TONS
of salt water. We also went deep sea fishing, but I took dramamine before and slept through
it. When I was awake, I was pretty sick. The drives up the windy roads did me in the
most though. I haven't gotten "car sick" since I was a kid, but I was definitely getting sick
on those drives! I think that trip will probably be my last time in a bikini ;)

Those are just some of my thoughts and feelings about this exciting time in my life! I'll keep updating as new news comes. For now, we are just happy to be enjoying this journey!