Thursday, December 17, 2009

It's A....


And boy, are we thrilled! Brock and I both secretly wanted a boy (though neither of us told each other that until after we found out the gender). He is healthy and doing great. He slept through the ultra sound despite our efforts to move him around. Luckily, his little legs weren't folded so we could find out what he was! My due date was moved from May 7th to May 10th...our anniversary! As of now, we are thinking of naming him Daxton Timothy. We both like the name Gavin, too, but it's on on the popular lists right now. We'll see as we get closer what we definitely decide on. I'm so excited to start getting things ready for our little man. We'll probably do a baseball themed nursery with custom built "lockers" and benches from Great-Grandpa Tim. Grandma Stephanie already bought Nike onezies and some little sports shoes today. And I bought Brock some surprise baby baseball things for Christmas, despite the fact that we DO NOT agree on our favorite baseball teams around here. I figure if the baby is with me at the softball fields all this summer, he needs some baseball gear, right? We can't wait for him to join us in May!

3D Profile

It's a BOY!

Lip and Nose (looking up the nostril)

His little leg and foot (and a hand, too, I think?)

We have some 3D pictures. I just need to scan them in to the computer when I'm not so tired!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Domestic Me

One of the fun parts about working at a treatment center is we have a lot of down time with the students. Crocheting is one of the big things the girls like to do, so they taught me how a long time ago. This is the first project I've actually completed. Yes, I know it looks like a scarf from the 70's, but I had the yarn laying around and thought it would be a good practice project. I think it turned out pretty cute! I started a blanket right before Brock went in for his brain surgeries so I would have something to do in the hospital. I never picked it up at the hospital, and have worked on it little since. Luckily, with the little one coming in May, I have decided to just turn it into a "baby size" blanket so MAYBE I might actually finish day....

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Christmas Tree & Card

Here's our Christmas tree for this year. We did a red themed one the last time we had a tree that was really cute, but for some reason I wanted blue and silver this year. (I think I like the red one better...) All I could think about while decorating the tree is that next year we won't be able to put up any glass ornaments and all the ornaments will have to be on the top part of the tree so little fingers can't grab them. I can't wait for our little baby to join us next Christmas! I think I'm more excited about 2010 Christmas than 2009 Christmas, but I know we will enjoy this year, too. Plus, next year we will have a cute little one to put on our card instead of just the two of us! I actually feel very vain with the card, but I love our pictures Chelsea took and wanted to play around with them in photoshop ;)

(If you want a Christmas card and letter, please email me your address

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Hawaii Pictures

Brock going off the rope swing

At the Luau
Spouting Horn - The water comes in from the ocean to all the rocks and there is a hole the water pushes out of. It's pretty cool to really see.
Some canyon I can't spell the name of ;)

Snorkeling with Drake

We couldn't use flash photography at the Luau so I had fun experimenting with no flash ;)