Friday, December 10, 2010

The Stockings Were Hung

I'm so excited about these stockings I made for my little family! I went back and forth about whether or not I was going to take the time to make them. After looking online for some, I decided I would go ahead and give it a try because all the ones I loved were around twenty bucks and I didn't want to have to buy 5 or 6 at that price so all my future kids can have matching ones, too. So, I decided to go with these fabrics because I can always find more fabric that matches the style. I love the way they turned out (even though there are lots of little mistakes!). I'm going to go get our names emroidered on them, too, so I can't wait to see the finished products. I'm also making a little board that will say "The stockings were hung by the chimney with care" and it will have little hooks for the stockings along the bottom. We don't have a fire place or any where to hang them, so hopefully it will turn out cute. The stockings don't match my Christmas decorations at all this year since our tree is decked out in bright blue, green, pink, purple, and silver though. It looks more like a New Years tree than a Christmas tree, but I wanted Tim to have lots to look at this year. Pictures to come of the tree soon....maybe.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Yee-Haw, Cowboy!

A real cowboy gets back on his horse after falling off (or being bucked off in this case...)

We may be the worst parents in the world for laughing every time we watch this. I'm sure Tim will get a kick out of it in a few years, too. Love ya, buddy!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Miss Ila's Newborn Shoot

Brock has lots of nieces and nephews, but I was pretty excited for someone on my side of the family to have a little one since Tim was the first! Morgan had little Ila Fay on September 9. We took some newborn pictures of her about a week later when I went up to visit. We got some of the two cousins, too. Tim was more interested in eating Ila though. It was SO FUNNY! Anway, I absolutely love taking pictures of my family. I love photography, but it's so much different to take pictures of my own family. I try my hardest at every wedding or event I photograph, but I feel like it's all just practice for when I get to take my own family's pictures. I can't wait to photograph all the weddings of my siblings. The baby blessings, baptisms, school pictures - all of it. I love that I can do this for them!

Check Spelling

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Family Pictures & Tim's 6 Month Photos

We went out today and finally did some family pictures. Tim is going to be SIX MONTHS (YIKES!) in a few days so I needed to do some shots of him, too. Unfortunately, he fell asleep on the way to the place (a five minute drive), and he wasn't too happy the whole time. He didn't cry, but he wouldn't smile. And he is always smiles, so that was frustrating. Now I understand why some of my clients get frustrated when their kid doesn't cooperate!

My photography friend, Chelsea, came and took our family pictures for us. It works out perfect because she just had a baby, too, so we were able to both show up and get family pics today! She takes mine and I take hers. Her baby was a little more cooperative cause he just slept :) Tim is definitely at the age where he grabs everything, so you'll notice I have a necklace is some pictures....but we had to get rid of it half way though. HA

Friday, October 8, 2010

Gramma's Love

Tim, Ila, and Grandma finally all got together this last week when we went to Rock Springs so I could do a couple photoshoots. It was so cute to see them all together. I love spending time with my sister and brother-in-law....and especially my new niece. Family really is everything!

The other pictures of Tim I took today while I was waiting on a family that was coming to get their pictures taken. Tim just looked too cute. He had a great hair day today since his mohawk is looking a little more even. I love him to death and can't even imagine my life without him now!

On a side note, Tim started eating baby food this last week. WIC gives us NINETY JARS of baby food a month....seriously? We appreciate it, but I don't see Tim eating that much any time soon. He LOVES his new foods though. He got SO excited today when I fed him peaches for the first time. He was opening his mouth so wide as soon as he wanted another bite and kicking his little feet frantically until I gave it to him. He's so much fun, and I look forward to all the new things we'll get to do with him!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


I took Tim on a swing for the first time today. He did great, and absolutely LOVED it! I love all these "firsts" that I get to enjoy with him. The other day he FINALLY turned over for the first time! It was way easy for him, so he probably could have done it a lot earlier. What can I say....the kid has parents that hold him 24/7!

Taking Tim to work ;) I did a photo shoot today for a senior girl that I know. Tim loves being outside so I decided to take him along with. We had to wait for the girl to get to the park, so that's where this pic and the swing pics were taken. Can't you just see the "Mom! What the heck is that camera doing in my face again?" look? haha
Chillin at Auntie Mo's while I took little Ila Fay's pictures (coming soon!)
Now onto the not so fun category.....TEMPER TANTRUMS! Seriously?! This kid can YELL!
And he loves TV....thanks for passing that on mom and dad and grandpa Tim!
Timmy LOVES his baths! If he gets really worked up, sometimes we use the bath to settle him down. Something else we use to settle him?.... changing his diapers! He LOVES having his diaper changed. He will instantly stop crying and start smiling and laughing. So cute and SO NICE! I hope he always likes it cause it makes it real easy!

One last picture....gotta love those eyes!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Fun With Photoshop

I'm only an artist if I have photoshop. I wish I could paint or do something else cool like that though! I love how his little hair sticks up in this :)

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tim's Celebrity Look-Alike

My girls at work told me the other day that Tim looks like Jack-Jack from the Incredibles...
I couldn't agree more. haha

Sunday, September 12, 2010

My New Favorite Church Outfit

In my opinion, it's so much more hard to find cute clothes for little boys. It seems like any store I go into, there are five racks of little girl clothes for every one rack of little boys. But, since I like to shop, I have found the places I love for Tim's clothes. My number one pick.....EBAY!! Short second is Baby Gap. They actually aren't any more expensive than Carters and other brands if you buy on sale and I can tell they don't wear nearly has bad! That's where the little oxford he's wearing is from (bought on Ebay for like 3 bucks).
Both the sweater vest and khakis are from Crazy 8 which I like, too.

I'm big into him just dressing more classic and plain than him wearing things with characters and such on it. ANYWAY, I just had to post this picture because this is my new favorite church outfit for him. The little pants are still 0-3 months (but don't worry....I have them in 3-6 months, too, cause they were less than 5 bucks and I love them!) The shirt and vest are both 3-6 months, and this is the first time he's worn him. Yes, my almost 5 month old is JUST starting to wear his 3-6 month stuff. His doctor said it best when he said
"Two Chihuahuas don't make a great dane."
Sorry, Son, you're gonna be short!


Thursday, September 9, 2010

My cute boy

Even though we have had quite the rough day between no sleep for momma since my newest niece arrived early this morning and a sick baby boy, I still can't help but feel like I have the cutest kid in the world. I love my little Timmy! This is him in one of the hats I made him when I was pregnant ;)

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Go Tribe!

Daddy thinks I'm gonna be a Braves fan - but no way!!


Thank you Grandma Sherry for my favorite shirt ever!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Tim & his Grandpa

Most of you already know that Tim is named after my dad who passed away almost ten years ago. I've been waiting to do these pictures for a while now because of all the meaning that is behind them. First, the baseball glove in the picture was my dad's glove. He actually bought it here in Logan at The Sportsman when he served his mission here! Anyway, some of my most special memories of my dad are of him and me playing catch in our front yard in Ohio. My dad and I would throw the ball for hours, and this is the glove he used when we played. It's very dear to me - my most treasured item to remember him by. This is also the glove that Brock put my engagement ring in for me to find. It's how he proposed after he fixed the lacing for me. So it's special to us in many ways! The pictures are taken on the same baseball field that Brock and I had some of our wedding pictures taken on, too. That's why I LOVE these pictures of our little boy - there's so much more meaning behind them than meets the eye!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Sacred Grove

I tried to capture the Spirit that can be felt in this sacred place in these photos. I loved wandering the path knowing that our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ were there in the flesh when Joseph Smith saw them in the First Vision. The only other place I have felt that same powerful spirit is the temple. I'm so glad I could take my little Tim there and experience it with him!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Ohio 2010

I made my "annual" trip to Ohio a few weeks ago. I flew out with my preggo sister, Mo, her husband Chantz, and Tim. We met the rest of the family there except for my brother, Brenton and Brock. Both of them had to work :( Anyway, we had a GREAT time! We did a lot of fun stuff and got to spend a little time with family.

When we got there we spent some time with my best friend there, Lindsey. Then we went to my most favorite restaraunt with the BEST wings EVER, Romans in Madison. I even had my elementary school crush as my waiter there! haha After that, we enjoyed some East Coast custard in Mentor. It's a MUST every time I go home!

Once we got to my Aunt and Uncle's house, we had a great big Crocker family party. I was so excited to introduce Tim to his Great-Grandpa Tim and all of my uncles, aunts, and cousins. My aunt and uncle from Germany were there with their three girls, too, so I was most excited to meet my newest cousin, Sadie Blue, for the first time.

Because my sister is pregnant, she was able to watch Tim for my when the whole family went to Cedar Point. If you love roller coasters, this place is a MUST in your lifetime! They are always competing for the tallest roller coaster in the world, so TONS of their rides are absolutely AMAZING! One of my favorite rides was made right here in Logan at S&S. It's called the Sky Hawk and it's way fun. I wish they still had the demo around to ride here! I can't believe my step grandma and grandpa went on Millenium Force and the Dragster (1st and 3rd tallest rides in the world). They are SO FUN!! It was a great day, but both Tim and I were tuckered out by the end of it!

One of the reasons we went out there as a family was to go to the Hill Cummorah Pageant in Palmyra, New York together. It was really fun despite the long drive. I've been a lot of times, but it was a great experience to be in the Sacred Grove with my little Tim and to have that spiritual experience with him. I wish Brock could have been there with us!

My step-dad, Chris and Alice at the Sacred Grove

Tim's "Q.P." doll look

Tim's "Ohio" face - he wasn't happy in most of the pictures!

The whole family at the Sacred Grove (minus Brenton and Brock)

Me and my little man at the Sacred Grove

Little Tim in Gramma's arms

The WHOLE fam damily - except my brother and husband

All the grandkids and great grandkids - except my bro and husband again ;)
I love how happy my mom looks in this picture. And I love my grandpa and Uncle Brian. I wish I lived closer to them!