Friday, November 5, 2010

Miss Ila's Newborn Shoot

Brock has lots of nieces and nephews, but I was pretty excited for someone on my side of the family to have a little one since Tim was the first! Morgan had little Ila Fay on September 9. We took some newborn pictures of her about a week later when I went up to visit. We got some of the two cousins, too. Tim was more interested in eating Ila though. It was SO FUNNY! Anway, I absolutely love taking pictures of my family. I love photography, but it's so much different to take pictures of my own family. I try my hardest at every wedding or event I photograph, but I feel like it's all just practice for when I get to take my own family's pictures. I can't wait to photograph all the weddings of my siblings. The baby blessings, baptisms, school pictures - all of it. I love that I can do this for them!

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