Friday, August 13, 2010

Tim & his Grandpa

Most of you already know that Tim is named after my dad who passed away almost ten years ago. I've been waiting to do these pictures for a while now because of all the meaning that is behind them. First, the baseball glove in the picture was my dad's glove. He actually bought it here in Logan at The Sportsman when he served his mission here! Anyway, some of my most special memories of my dad are of him and me playing catch in our front yard in Ohio. My dad and I would throw the ball for hours, and this is the glove he used when we played. It's very dear to me - my most treasured item to remember him by. This is also the glove that Brock put my engagement ring in for me to find. It's how he proposed after he fixed the lacing for me. So it's special to us in many ways! The pictures are taken on the same baseball field that Brock and I had some of our wedding pictures taken on, too. That's why I LOVE these pictures of our little boy - there's so much more meaning behind them than meets the eye!