Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Family Pictures & Tim's 6 Month Photos

We went out today and finally did some family pictures. Tim is going to be SIX MONTHS (YIKES!) in a few days so I needed to do some shots of him, too. Unfortunately, he fell asleep on the way to the place (a five minute drive), and he wasn't too happy the whole time. He didn't cry, but he wouldn't smile. And he is always smiles, so that was frustrating. Now I understand why some of my clients get frustrated when their kid doesn't cooperate!

My photography friend, Chelsea, came and took our family pictures for us. It works out perfect because she just had a baby, too, so we were able to both show up and get family pics today! She takes mine and I take hers. Her baby was a little more cooperative cause he just slept :) Tim is definitely at the age where he grabs everything, so you'll notice I have a necklace is some pictures....but we had to get rid of it half way though. HA

Friday, October 8, 2010

Gramma's Love

Tim, Ila, and Grandma finally all got together this last week when we went to Rock Springs so I could do a couple photoshoots. It was so cute to see them all together. I love spending time with my sister and brother-in-law....and especially my new niece. Family really is everything!

The other pictures of Tim I took today while I was waiting on a family that was coming to get their pictures taken. Tim just looked too cute. He had a great hair day today since his mohawk is looking a little more even. I love him to death and can't even imagine my life without him now!

On a side note, Tim started eating baby food this last week. WIC gives us NINETY JARS of baby food a month....seriously? We appreciate it, but I don't see Tim eating that much any time soon. He LOVES his new foods though. He got SO excited today when I fed him peaches for the first time. He was opening his mouth so wide as soon as he wanted another bite and kicking his little feet frantically until I gave it to him. He's so much fun, and I look forward to all the new things we'll get to do with him!