Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Hey Mister D.J.

Since we are going to be on the road a lot traveling back and forth to OMAHA! (yes, Omaha, I'll tell that story in another post).... I wanted to get Tim these little kids' headphones since I'm getting PRETTY tired of the Baby Einsteins music!  They came in the mail today and I'm very happy with them.  They have an adapter so the music can't go too loud, and they are great quality with a nice fit for Tim.  When I put them on him, he didn't touch them at all.  He just looked at me and smiled.  So hopefully when we try them out on our roadtrip to California tomorrow, he'll like them even with sound coming out of them!  He looked too cute - like a big boy - when I put them on, so naturally I had to take some pics of him!  I've been doing good this last week taking pictures after realizing I went over a month without getting any of him with my real camera (not my iphone....which I found while packing tonight....YES!)  So here's my cute boy.  Oh, and the one of him just sitting there is to show how much he loves this particular baby einsteins DVD.  It's so funny.  He NEVER sits still and watches TV, unless it's this DVD.  Gotta love him, and so glad there's at least one thing to keep him entertained!  I don't have to worry about long roadtrips as long as he has his Baby Einsteins and a bottle!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

We've been having lots of fun around our house lately!  

We have:

Climbed on daddy while daddy is sleeping (or trying to anyway)

Pushed our walkers around....and around....and around....

Had MANY mini meltdowns when we get our walkers stuck in corners, against couches, or into walls.  Until mommy or daddy come and rescue it anyway

Walk around with our tongues sticking out just for the fun of it

Been a train conductor....on a horse....

Looked cute ;)

Drank LOTS and LOTS of bottles (with some nursing still....but we love both still!)

Looked dapper for pictures

Had fun with cousin Ila

Tried to hide our mischievous smiles, but it doesn't work... Momma knows better....

Tried French Toast for the first time....YUM

Gotten full A LOT!

Been a little jealous of sharing attention with Ila Fay!

Thought my first swear word.... What the h*** mother?!!

Played great with cousin Ila while she visited for a few days! (After we got over our jealousy issues)

Took baths!

Played momma and baby monkey in the bathtub

Made LOTS of faces!

And pushed Ila around in lots of circles!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Just an Update

I seriously haven't blogged for a LONG time! I did so well when Timmy was first born, but I've really stunk at staying up to date on pictures and blog entries! So I'll start with Tim first cause let's be honest, he's the center of our little universe!

Tim is almost 11 months old! I can't believe in another month I'm going to have a one year old. It totally BLOWS MY MIND! I'm so sad to see him grow up, but I love seeing all the cute new things he does every day. The poor little guy is getting his top two teeth in right now, so he is definitely not acting like himself. He was such a little stink in church today, but then I saw his little purple gums and I felt so bad!

So on a normal day, Tim is quite the little character. He's really discovering toys now and understanding how to play with them. His current favorite is a little elephant shape sorter. He actually puts the little shapes in and knows how to get them out. It's so adorable, and it makes me think he's smart (but mostly because he's my kid....I really don't think he's any smarter than the average 11 month old...) He also loves Baby Einsteins, but just one of the DVDs, and mostly because when we took our road trip to Nebraska, he was allowed to watch it in the car. I don't let him watch the portable DVD player too often - I want my kids to find shapes in the clouds and play the License Plate game in the car, not be addicted to TV at all time! But since we were in the car for 15 hours straight, I wanted to do anything and everything possible to keep him from melt downs. And I successfully did, but I'll get to that later.

Tim plays catch now. He has a little plush baseball and I roll to him and he picks it up and throws it back. All I can say about that is - THAT'S MY BOY!

We almost have him sleeping through the night again. He did really well when I first let him start crying it out (the first post I wrote about it). But then he got sick and got to sleep with us again. Then he got sick again. Then we went to my mom's for a few nights. Then we went to Nebraska and he got REALLY spoiled. So needless to say, this time around was much more traumatic. Moral of the story - sleep train your kid at 3 months! I will next time! Anyway, he still wakes up once, but I turn the monitor off and let him cry. Then I set my alarm clock for 6 am so I can wake up and turn the monitor back on so I can hear him when he wakes up for real in the morning. He gets up at 7 am - I HATE IT! I'm definitely a night owl, NOT a morning person, so I'm still trying to get used to it. He's still a happy guy in the morning too, but much harder to keep entertained.

He's totally into everything now. He sprint crawls, seriously. And he cruises around things standing up. He's not anywhere close to walking. He has very wobbly legs, but he does really love going outside now and pushing his walker up and down the driveway. It's cute to see him look like he can walk anyway!

He say too many words, but two that he can say are "hi" and "dad, dadda, etc." He definitely says "Dada" and "Dad," and I do think he purposely says it to Brock sometimes. When he gets really mad, he stutters and says "dddddddddd" with a really angry face. It's so funny!

So on to us! Brock has been doing lots of interviews for grad school for Occupational Thearpy. He went to Arizona, Las Vegas, and Nebraska (thus the road trip). We thought they all went well, but he didn't get into Arizona which was our first choice, and he's on the waiting list in Nevada. We haven't heard back from Nebraska which is a good thing (the longer the better), but I really don't want to move there after visiting so I really hope he gets into Nevada. When Brock called to see where he was on the waiting list, it seriously sounds like they just make a waiting list and figure out after all the interviews are over who they are accepting. Not a bad thing, but I'd LOVE to know where I'm moving ASAP! Especially since the school in Vegas starts at the beginning of July and we want to buy a house so we need some time! I know everything will work out right, but I really hate not having a plan!

Nebraska was really fun regardless of the interview at Creighton. (Me and Tim just hung out in the hotel room). We went and visited with some people from Brock's mission. He served in Omaha, so it was really fun for him to be back there. That's why me and Tim went to that interview - so we could see where Brock served. It really was a good experience and I'm glad we went. We also check out the Mormon Trail history center and went to the Winter Quarters Temple. It was real eye opener, especially since on the way there we were talking about how much we didn't want to have to make the drive back home. I think the pioneers would have gladly taken 15 hours in the car over months walking the plains! It put me in my place really quick, especially when we looked at the graves of babies that died. As a mother, I don't think I would have had the faith to make that sacrifice. I always thought I would have gone across the plains if I had to for the church, but now with Tim, I can't imagine putting him in that danger. I'm very grateful for the pioneer women because of their sacrifices!

And a funny story to end on. While we were in Nebraska, I was having some of the same symptoms I had at the beginning of my pregnancy with Tim. I got excited, but decided to wait home to take a pregnancy test. (I always have them on hand since I'm still taking fertility drugs). Anyway, I took the first one and it showed up positive right away. I got a little excited, but I kinda took it wrong, so I wanted to make sure and take another one. In the mean time, Brock was noticeably angry and obviously was not pleased. That made me mad since, HELLO, he knew what were were doing when we were doing "it." haha TMI, I know, but I think it's funny that he got angry. Anyway, I took another one once I could pee again and it was positive, too! I started crying and telling Timmy he was going to be a big brother. A big swell of relief came over me that I wasn't going to have to suffer through fertility crap again, and Brock started getting on board with the idea. All these things were going through my mind, and after about five minutes, I though to myself "Did I take a pregnancy test or an ovulation test." So I ran up and checked the packaging and sure enough.... ovulation tests ;( So I'm not pregnant again, and it actually really sucked when I first figured it out. It's not that we're set on having a baby right now, it's more of a "it'll happen when it happens attitude", but I got all excited. So it really sucked. But now it's a really funny story to us because apparently my mood was 180 degrees different when I figured it out. Oh well! Maybe next time ;)

Here's some pictures to close out this LONG post!
Before getting into everything

Getting ready to pounce

What a sad little bobble head

"Hey, Mom!  Look what I found!  Your camera bag!  It's ok if I play with it, right?"

"Cracker, Momma?"

A baby and his momma (ugly of me, but I love it of us!)

This is my favorite!

Tim is always super happy in the mornings.  It's my favorite and least favorite time of the day.  Favorite cause he's so freaking cute - least favorite cause I wish he could be cute at 9 instead of 7!

The kid loves socks.  I hope he doesn't have a foot fetish!