Sunday, May 1, 2011

Happy First Birthday, Timmy!

Timmy's first birthday was a happy and sad day for me.  When Brock mentioned the night before his birthday that I was in labor at that time last year, it made me extremely sad that my little boy is growing up.  It's so exciting to see all the new things he learns every day, but I'm still extremely anxious about not being able to get pregnant again and never experiencing the little newborn stage.  Tim is definitely not a newborn anymore, and his well on his way to being a toddler.  That said, it's been so fun with him lately.   Here's pictures from his shoot on his birthday.

We had a party for both sides of the family at our house on his birthday.  We had a "vintage baseball" theme with popcorn, cracker jacks, peanuts, and hot dogs.  Thanks to all who came!  It was a blast!  Tim was pretty tired the whole time, but he seemed to enjoy it anyway.  When it came time to eat his cake, all he was interested in was feeding it to everyone else!  It was really cute.  He got it all over everyone before he decided to dig in and get it on himself, too.  

 Cupcake stand made from styrofoam cake rounds and formula cans!  And a little bit of paper and ribbons :)  Cake toppers made in photoshop and cut using the silhouette - even though it made me very made multiple times!  And sadly, my idea of light blue and Macey's idea of light blue is very different - the cupcakes were aqua....sad day.... But they tasted great!

The invite.  It was really cute wrapped in a small piece of paper, tag, and rafia ribbon (The address is where the random light blue box is...).  I'm sure we'll use it again next year, too, since I saved on the decorations for his party next year.  We'll be in Omaha so no one will know we already used them! haha

Here's some fun little things about our boy:

- He loves to wave hello and goodbye - and whenever else he sees fit.  But he understands when we are leaving and coming back now so he'll do it on his own.
-Says mom and dad on purpose - LOVE THIS!
-When he's done eating, he'll take whatever food he's eating and throw it over his high chair... one piece at a time.... until we stop him.
-Loves when his daddy chases him around the ottomans - He'll try and run while holding on, but when he gets going to fast, he falls over while laughing...then gets up and falls over again.  His little laugh is so freaking cute!
-LOVES to push things around while walking - walker toys, strollers, PEOPLE...whatever he can push (I'll have to put some pics of him on the beach in California up - all he did was push the stroller around)
-Still is a horrible sleeper, but I take full responsibility for that.  
-Lives off bananas and bottles/nursing.  We're workin' on that....

I LOVE my little man.  This has been the best year of my life, and I can't wait to watch him continue to learn and grow.  Words cannot describe my love for him, and how much he has changed me for the better in one short year.  LOVE YOU, TIMMY!