Monday, September 26, 2011

A Little of Life

We haven't done anything out of the ordinary this week, so here are just a few things we've done around the house.  We found Tim like this the other night after he had been in bed for a few hours.  He was sleeping on a pile of books, and totally content with it.  It looked so uncomfortable, so we moved him back into bed.  And then a few hours later, we moved him again into bed with us.  We are not used to sleeping without him even though he is fine sleeping in his own bed.  We are such first time parents!

This boy needed a haircut so bad!

He was playing the other day by dragging around Brock's lab coat.  What he was really trying to do was get us to pull him around on it.  He loves being pulled around while riding on blankets.  Funny kid.

He has developed a major shoe fetish.  Really weird.

So weird that we couldn't find matches to half of our shoes.  Apparently we didn't use the microwave for a few days because this is where they were.  Tim likes to cook our shoes.  Luckily he hasn't figured out how to turn on the microwave!  Oh, and we got his hair cut this week.  It was at one of those kid places, so he did so good.  He got to sit in a car and watch "Tangled."  My boy loves "Tangled" so he sat there the whole time and got his cute haircut.  I think I'm going to go buy some clippers and try it out myself next time though.  It's not worth $20 every few weeks, and I love his hair shorter.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

A Year in Pictures

This picture is the original reason this post started.  I haven't dumped my iPhone pictures on my computer since Tim was born, so once I got this picture off, I had to get the rest!

This is how I found Tim the other day.  And the best part is that he constantly is trying to get in the toilet now.  And yes, he had pants on and a very soggy diaper.

Now we are starting at little baby Tim!  I can't believe how babyish he looks here!
Eating an orange at Grandma and Grandpa Frampton's house

Happy hair day!

Little swinging Russian

And another happy hair day!

Hiding his bed head :)  I love him in his hat!

His first "Kid's Meal."  It was at some diner restaurant in Anaheim.  

At the Lego Store at Downtown Disney

Thor - haha Kinda wanna dress him up as this for halloween now....but we already have another idea

At Auntie Em's lacrosse game last spring

At the USU Bookstore last spring

This is exactly why we haven't set up the train table yet.  He NEVER plays with it - just on it...

Having fun with Ben & Jerry

That's my boy!  My future musician

Ok, so Tim really likes things in his hair, especially when I tell him he's so "pretty."  We decided I should stop doing it, so when he puts things in his hair, he is handsome.  And this is a crown....not a headband....

Uncle Benji puts everyone to sleep :)

My kid knows how to enjoy a softball game!

Um, ouch.  Brock's black eye from taking a "Mendon hop" to the face

Tim's first Burger King crown.  Don't we all remember wearing them when we were younger?!

Enjoying East Coast Custard in Mentor, Ohio.  YUM!

"Helping" daddy organize his anatomy flash cards

This is how Tim sat while I did laundry at the laundromat the first time....

This is how he sat the third time after a failed attempt the second time.  Once we took the bottle away, we don't get a quiet content Tim!  He's W-I-L-D!!!! So Brock has to come.  He was going to study, but we ended up using his laptop as entertainment for Tim instead.

This post has made me want to carry around my point and shoot!  Much easier than getting pics off the phone, but I am glad I have these.  The poor quality makes me cringe though!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Official Nebraskans

It's official - we are Nebraskans.  And what made this official is that we purchased our first red t-shirts and attended our first Nebraksa Huskers game in Lincoln at Memorial Stadium.  Let me tell you - I've never seen so much red in one place!  Being a Huskers fan is a culture here.  We literally have three clothing stores in our mall dedicated to Huskers gear.  And on game day, the whole state is wearing red regardless of going to the stadium to watch the game or not.  So we were really excited when our Branch President offered us his tickets to the game since he couldn't make it.  It was pretty chilly out, and we were already cold from coaching soccer this morning.  But we still had so much fun!  We paid $25 for parking about 3/4 of a mile away from the stadium....crazy.  But it was quite the experience.  Tim really got into the pre-game and was clapping and cheering with everyone with a big smile on his face.  He really likes clapping, so he was very entertained with that.  He also loved the balloons that were hanging everywhere.  We figured out later they were hung up so they could be released when the Huskers scored.  Pretty fun!  It started getting pretty rainy by the end of the third quarter, so we decided we better head because Tim woke up it was getting colder.  We had so much fun, and really wish we could go to the Ohio State / Huskers game in a few weeks, but the tickets are WAY too much!

All these pics are taken with our ancient point and shoot camera.  It's days like these I wish my nice camera wasn't such a pain to lug around!

Before we hit the road!

Momma and Timmy enjoying the pre-game

This is just part of the stadium.  I found out it holds over 80,000 and the are building on to it!

Really enjoying the show with "Ba."  Tim has a new name for dad.  He says dad sometimes still, but most of the time he calls him "Ba."  It's actually more like a mix between "Pa" and "Ba" but we are pretty sure he's trying to call him "Brock" since he hears me yelling "Brock" all the time. haha  It's so stinkin cute though that he has an alternate name for Brock.  He loves him more than me.  When he gets home from school, Tim runs to the door and sucks air in and makes a really funny noise while smiling from ear to ear.  He loves his daddy!

Tim was in amazement when all the balloons were let off.  I can only compare it to the floating lanterns in Tangled.  It really was cool!

He fell asleep at half time!

This picture is from a dinner we had at the house of one of the branch members.  They had a bunch of families over, and it was really great to get to know some people in our branch.  We really feel so welcomed!

Friday, September 16, 2011


 We have a big day ahead of us tomorrow because we are going to the HUSKERS GAME!  I'll write more about that after we go, but I wanted to get these up so I wasn't overwhelmed with blog posts on Sunday.  Side note: I'm really proud of myself for keeping up on our blog.  Now if only I can keep doing it!

These were just from Tim climbing up on his fire station play house.   He never plays with it - just on it.

Remember when he went flying over the front of his rocking horse?  He's doing much better now!

I looked over the other day and this is what Tim was doing in his chair when I thought he was eating.  BONUS!  Except for it was 8 pm and he doesn't go to bed til 10:30.  So yes, he woke up and was up for a long time.  Not so bonus...

This is how we see Brock most days now.  Studying for something.  That's our future Dr. Brock!

I made the joke before I left that I knew Melanie would send us popcorn and M&Ms at some point.  She makes them together every Sunday dinner at her house.  It's definitely a Christensen family tradition and it's yummy!  The best part is she also sent the movie "17 Miracles," so I'm really excited to watch it.  I especially love the package of tissues for when it makes us cry.  haha

Tim also got a cow Pillow Pal.  One of the only words he says right now is "Moo," so needless to say, he loves cows.

 Tim Jr. - literally.  My dad was a MAJOR TV watcher.  Well Timmy Jr is taking after Grandpa.  He LOVES tv.  I don't like him watching it all the time, but it's SO NICE when I need to get something done to be able to turn on some "Jake and the Neverland Pirates" and know that Tim is entertained for 20 minutes.  Thank you DVR!

We got Tim this T-Ball set the other day.  He's SO CUTE with it.  He actually will hit the ball off it and go get it, put it back on, and hit it again.  LOVE it!  But I found it very funny today that I turned around in the kitchen and there was the T with a bottle of Glucosamine teed up on it. haha That's my guy.  

Tim's favorite book lately is "Chicka Chicka Boom Boom."  He "reads" it all the time, and will actually sit still to let us read it to him.  That RARELY happens.  So hopefully this lasts a while!

Tim has been getting into A LOT of trouble lately.  Today, he got into the bathroom and closed the door so I didn't know he was in there.  I had my flat iron on and the sink was full and plugged because I had a stained shirt of Tim's in there.  Well, I found him in there with the scalding hot water on and filled to the rim and a bunch of stuff thrown in.  I cannot express my fear when I realized what could have happened if he would have gotten a hold of the flat iron and thrown it in.  My mom had a good idea and told me to get a gate for the bathroom door because it's his favorite place to play.  It was so scary!  I cannot even imagine what I would do if something bad happened to him.  So there's my scary story of the day.  I have another picture on my phone that I will put up in a bit to show what else Tim "gets into" in the bathroom.  F-U-N-N-Y