Sunday, November 27, 2011

Manly Man Dinner

The branch we are in has a tradition of the "Manly Man" dinner put on by the Elder's Quorum.  Essentially the guys are supposed to cook "manly" foods and put on the dinner for the whole branch.  I didn't know about it until a few days before, even though Brock is in the EQ presidency....  I guess that's part of it though.  It's men....not women putting it on....haha.  It was really fun though and we had some great food.

Here's Tim and Joe playing.  Jo is a few months younger than Tim, but he's bigger than Tim and a little smarter, too :)  Tim usually enjoys playing with Joe, but he pushed him down at church today.  Not my proudest moment as a mom.  It was actually hard to know how to handle it because I can't tell Tim to say "sorry" since he doesn't talk.  So I told him to blow Joe kisses (which he didn't do), and then told him that I was very disappointed in him.  I don't think he got it.  Hopefully he learns to say "sorry" soon if he's gonna be a big bully!

Tim and Elise - a primary friend

I took some pictures the other day of a friend from Utah who moved to Omaha before us.  I got Tim ready so we could take some of his "18 month" pictures (nevermind that he's almost 20 months...).  But clearly, he didn't cooperate.  So we'll have to go out again...

Clearly the quality of this picture stinks, but the face is priceless!  Tim makes this face often while watching TV.

So a funny story from today....
We have started to let Tim take the sacrament if he's being good.  So today he ate the bread good and watched the young men pass it the whole time.  When the water came, I handed him a cup, and Brock and I took our own.  Well, instead of drinking it, he quickly turned it upside down and dumped it all on Brock.  And of course it dumped right on his pants so he looked like he peed.  Really funny, and hard not to laugh.  Especially since on the missionaries up on the stand saw the whole thing, and was trying so hard not to laugh.  Classic Tim story.


We were having fun tonight playing as a family.  Tim loves hiding in closets and shutting doors right now.  Pretty funny when he shuts himself in his room and then bangs on the door to get out - only to turn around and slam the door again!  So tonight we were playing hide and seek in one of our hall closets.  He was so happy when we would open the door.

He was also running through daddy's legs up and down the hallway.  I LOVE this picture because this is our life right now.  Brock paces the hallway at least two hours a day, studying his flash cards for school, and Tim plays with him.  This truly is a peak into our life!

We also figured out the perfect time out spot.  In the basket.  Brock figured out that if we put him in it, close the lid, and position the handles just right, he can't get out. HA  Or we can just dump duplos on him and enjoy his giggles.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Lots of Cousins

Tim is blessed to have lots of cousins on his daddy's side.  It was so fun to get everyone together for a family dinner while we were out there.  We really miss everyone, and Tim misses playing with all his cousins!  I can't wait to go home this Christmas and see everyone again!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Vala's Pumpkin Patch, Omaha

Once we got back from Utah, we went to Vala's Pumpkin Patch with our friends Talia and Robert.  Tim especially loved feeding the goats that were throughout the park.  We enjoyed a hay ride and picking out Tim's first pumpkin.  Tim wasn't a huge fan of these giant trampoline like bubble things you jump on.  He didn't love the corn pit either.  I really enjoyed the turkey leg.  I thought you could only get them at Disneyland, so I was stoked to get one at Vala's.  I love my little monkey, and have so much fun doing all these fun things with him.

Nothing is safe!

I swear Tim is reaching the "Terrible Two's" TOO QUICKLY!  He gets in to EVERYTHING around the house.  Here are a few of his recent escapades.  

 He put his hat on like this.  So freaking funny.  But then he got into the popcorn.  I may have left it out...

 He was upset that his hat fell off.

 It's more fun to wear spaghetti than it is to eat it!

 And then wear the bowl...

 Brock and I were eating chips and queso.  Apparently Tim wanted some, too, because we weren't watching him and we came into the kitchen to find him like this.

And last, BUT NOT LEAST, Tim found the salt one day...and the powdered sugar the next...

Fun in Utah

We had fun hanging out with all of Tim's Aunties and Uncles in Utah.  We got to spend lots of time with cousin Ila, too!  We love Grandma and Grandpa!  And of course Bebe, the Chihuahua who has made it onto the blog multiple times now.  

Utah Pumpkin Patch

We had the chance to go back home to Utah over fall break.  Creighton gives us an entire week off in the fall and spring, so it was a good chance to go back home.  Not to mention I really needed a break from Omaha!  The real reason we went home was to celebrate Melanie's birthday.  It was a BIG one! 

One of the nights we were there, Tim and I headed down to Syracuse to the pumpkin patch with my family.  Brock had to stay back in Logan and study.  Unfortunately he had LOTS of homework while we were gone.  The pumpkin patch was so fun though!  It's really nice when my family finds something to do that we can all enjoy.  It's pretty hard since us siblings range in age from 9 to 26, and with the little ones....well, we just don't all agree on what is fun!  But this was so much fun, and I definitely hope it's something we start doing every year.

 Tim and his "cheese" face.  I don't tell him to smile.  He just does this when he sees a camera now.

 My adorable nice, Ila, and Mo.  Look how she's looking at Tim!  Melt my heart!

 Bad picture on my part, but adorable of everyone in it!  We love Grandma and Grandpa!

 Lala and Mo

 Lala again

 Tim going through the hay maze.  He's so stinkin cute!

 Timmy and Uncle Evan

 Uncle Evan and Uncle Bud (Brenton) were jumping over Tim on the haystacks.  He got quite the kick out of it!

 There were these awesome hay bail slides.  They were so much fun for the whole family!

 Timmy climbing up the hay bails with Grandma

 Emmaline and Kate

 Great-Grandma and Ila

 Did I mention Morgan is pregnant?!

 Auntie Han and Tim.  He wasn't too happy to be in the Tractor Train

 This picture cracks me up.  Way to be, Alice!

 Help! I've fallen and I'm sliding down!

 Evan, Kate, and Timmy