Thursday, January 19, 2012

YW Ice Skating Activity

One of the best parts about being a YW leader is getting to do all the fun activities.  We got to go ice skating with the stake at a stake park around Omaha last night.  It was COLD since it's an outdoor rink, but it was lots of fun.  We had two new girls with us, and were only missing one of our girls for the night.  Quite the turnout for our little branch!  I'm getting to love this calling, and am very grateful that I get the chance to be in YW again!

My cute president, Marlene, and Courtney.

Hap-Gu, Courtney, Audrey, and Talia (who wishes she was still a young woman! haha)

Audrey almost fell....not really....just pretended

Our branch Young Women (minus Niawech)

Our entire branch Young Men and Young Women.  We are losing two of our boys next month, so there will only be one left! Sad day!

Playing at the Park

We were so grateful to get a call on our way to Utah to do some wedding pictures for the brother of a friend of mine.  We were literally in the car driving,  and it was such a blessing to us for me to get a wedding that paid almost exactly how much our gas was!  We knew it would work out somehow to get home!  Anyway, in between the wedding and reception, we took Tim to my favorite park at the Whittier Center in Logan.  The whole vacation was freakishly warm, so we really enjoyed our time outside!  (Come to find out it got to over 60 degrees here in Omaha!)  I love my little adventurer!

Slime's Surprise 13th!

Emmaline turned 13 this year, so it was kinda a big deal!  She came home from the cabin with us because we were going to take her "shopping."  Well, conveniently on the way to the mall we had to stop at the gym she was going to have her birthday at in a week to sign a form.  Well, SURPRISE!  (kinda, she figured it out).  It was so much fun being free at a gym.  I tried to do giants on the bar, but realized that I'm literally like 85 pounds more then I was as a gymnast.  Unfortunately I realized that after I tried to do LOTS of stuff that I used to be able to do.  I couldn't walk for four days....haha.  But it was still so much fun.  Tim had a great time, too, and I think Brock was a little nervous of making a fool of himself :)  We will definitely have to put Tim into a tots class soon!


SERIOUSLY?! This kid is so freaking strong!

Cabin Crazies

We got to go do the anual Frampton family Cabin get away after Christmas again this year.  This is my most favorite thing we do as a family.  Our family is so big and busy, that having us all locked up in a cabin where no one can go anywhere is the best thing for us.  We missed Brenton and Evan, but we still had a great time together!  We played lots of video games, went sledding, made lots of good food, played games (our favorite being Wits and Wagers), and had great chats.  The Geertsens came over again (which is also part of the tradition), and they brought the crab legs this time!  We also had our sushi night. This truly is my most favorite thing we do as a family, and I hope it's a tradition that lasts for a long time!

Christmas 2012

We had a lot of fun over Christmas.  We spent Christmas morning at Grandma Melanie's, and had a very low key quiet morning.  Tim was sick for the first part of our trip, and he was just getting over it by Christmas.  It was enjoyable nonetheless!  Tim got SPOILED this year.  I think every new parent may go through the "um, maybe we should tell Santa to take it down a notch next year" stage.  I will say, Santa looked for incredible deals and didn't spend much, but it was still too much stuff to bring home!  He got from us and Santa his shopping cart, play food, a microwave, Toy Story 3 potato head set, a cleaning broom set, a vacuum cleaner, a fridge magnet set, and probably some other stuff I'm forgetting!  Grandma and Grandpa Christensen got him a play farm, a bowling set, and some toys.  Grandma and Grandpa Frampton got him some play dough stuff and a number game.  Auntie Mo and Ila got him a broom and a really cute robot.  One of his cousins (can't remember who had him, so we'll say Aunt Holly) got him an old school Fisher Price register.  I'm pretty sure that's his favorite toy still!  So, clearly it was a lot to pack home on top of the stuff we got, too!  It was a great Christmas!

After Christmas morning, we headed down to Grandma and Grandpa Frampton's to celebrate with them.  We opened family presents and their house and then headed over to Great Grandma & Grandpa's house for the Christmas night celebration.

We were so blessed this year to be able to go home and enjoy Christmas with our families.  We had such a great 3 1/2 weeks being home and getting rejuvenated to come back to Omaha.  I can't wait to see our families again! 

Tim had lots of fun during the time was stayed at Grandma and Grandpa Christensen's house.  Grandma likes to pretty much give us whatever our little hearts desire while we are there, so Tim really enjoyed his time watching movies and eating lots of popcorn.  I love this little set up she had for him one day.  This kid has it made!  Toy Story 3 is his most favorite movie.  He LOVES it.

The Last of Last Year!

Before we left on vacation to Utah, we had a little more fun around the house.  After making Tim's Halloween costume, I realized it would be great for when he plays with his castle tent.  I really didn't plan it out for it, but it worked out perfectly!  So here is King Tim and his noble steed, Bullseye.  It was a happy day in the kingdom!

HA - This kid gets into everything.  Including getting himself stuck in lots of places.  This is him getting stuck in the drawer of the oven.  About 5 minutes ago, I pulled his face out of a bowl of broccoli.  The kid is into everything!

Tim and one of his buddies hanging out

We got to go to the branch Christmas party before we left for Utah.  This was the only time Tim had to see Santa this year.  Maybe next year he won't be afraid?  He absolutely LOVED the bag of goodies he got as his gift.  It was just lots of dollar store party favor type things, but he was in heaven.  Too cute!

Apparently he likes to get into bowls.  If I remember right, I think this was after he dumped out the popcorn.