Friday, February 17, 2012

Monday, February 13, 2012

Gettin' Big!

Tim has finally started getting into playing with actual toys.  Don't be fooled, he still prefers to get into anything he's NOT SUPPOSED to get into, but every once in a while I find him playing with what he's actually supposed to be playing with.  Here's a little look into his world!

 Um, this is why Brock doesn't do his hair!

Auntie Mo got him this cute robot for Christmas this year.  We love him.  Tim just discovered it on his shelf the other day and insisted on carrying it around everywhere with him that day.  He's "reading" to it.  I'm not longer allowed to read to him.  He whines and takes the book and proceeds to "read" it himself now.  It's cute, but I'm not sure how that's gonna develop his language!  (which he is already behind in!)  His new favorite book is "You are Special" by Max Lucado.  CUTEST BOOK EVER! I'm glad he finally likes it.  It makes me cry every time I read it.   

 Tim loves looking out his big window in his room.  I hate having it open since it's right on the ground level and the apartments it looks out over are not filled with the nicest of people.  He thought its was especially fun playing in the window when daddy when outside and thew snowballs at him.

Totally walked by his room the other day and this is exactly where he was.  He loves sitting in things - the wagon, baskets...anything that he THINKS he can fit into. 

I'm so glad he's finally getting into his trains.  When we found out we were having a boy, one of my first thoughts was of a little boy playing with BRIO trains.  I hope he grows into them more since this picture was taken one minute, and the next the trains and track pieces were strewn all over the room! 

Blankie Baby

When we were home in Utah for the holidays, Tim really started to get attached to his blanket.  It's the best thing ever since he doesn't have a binky, bottle, etc. anymore to comfort him.  Now, he picks it up and carries it to us so we can wrap him up in it.  It's so funny!  Cutest thing ever!

Super Bowl and the BIG 27!

We had a little Super Bowl party this year with a few of our friends.  Brock's 27th birthday was the day after the Super Bowl, so I decided we should sing to him and at least have a cake.  It really was a great night.  Marlene (check out her blog- she's an amazing artist!) and David and Talia and Robert were over, and we all had fun playing games, watching the game (ha-ok, we really didn't watch it), and eating LOTS of food.  It was just a perfect night!

I love this picture because for whatever reason, Tim LOVES these two people.  David is a new discovery for Tim, but he's loved Talia since her and Robert started coming over multiple times a week.  (It's much easier to hang out at our house with Tim's stuff here since Talia and Robert don't have kids yet.) He totally just snuggles up to both of them! 

BROCK IS 27!! Old man! 

 Tim apparently thought it was his birthday cake, so he got into it when no one was looking...

Since it was Brock's birthday, I thought I would write a little about what makes him so special and important in our lives!  Brock has been working SO HARD at school, and I couldn't be more grateful or proud of him for how seriously he is taking it.  I'm very grateful that he's working hard.  I know he puts a lot of pressure on himself to succeed in school so he can take care of our family, but we love him for it!  We see a lot of our friends settling down into houses and careers, and we are excited to get there. But I can truly say we are enjoying the journey more than I thought we would.  This experience is so good for us - definitely what we needed to grow closer as a family and closer to the Lord.  Brock is our rock, and the best dad in the world.  I love how much Tim loves him, and yells "Pa! Pa!" every time he hears Brock walk in the door.  He really takes initiative with Tim - often times more than I do.  He's perfect for both of us, and we love him so much! 
Happy 27th Birthday, Brock/Daddy!

New Beginnings

We had a great New Beginnings in Young Women this year.  The theme for this year is 
ARISE and shine forth,
that thy LIGHT
may be a
for the
D&C 115:5
I'm proud of our girls for being there, and for singing (even if we have to beg them to!)  I love being in Young Women!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Happiness & Joy

Every time I prepare a lesson for Young Women, I think about my teenage years.  I had great Young Women leaders - women I still look up to and enjoy catching up with today.  What I think about though is how different my life would have been during those years if I really understood what the Young Women Organization is trying to teach us.  We ARE daughters of our Heavenly Father, and He does LOVE each and every one of us!  How many different choices I would have made if I truly understood my divine nature and potential to be a chosen daughter of God.  It's so hard to look at the struggles facing my young women, and to know that as tempted as I was and as hard as Satan made it for me, it's worse for them.  I love them so much, and wish I could give them my last 10 years of experiences so they wouldn't have to learn on their own.  But since I can't, I am grateful at least to know of my Father's love for me, and that happiness and joy can truly only be found by living the gospel and living my life worthy of the spirit.  I'm so grateful to be in Young Women's, even if it's for me to finally learn what I wasn't willing to be taught years ago!