Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Boy is 2!

I can't believe it was time to have a birthday party for our TWO YEAR OLD! Wow, these last two years have gone by so fast!  We haven't taken him to his 2 year appointment yet, but I know he's around 24 pounds.  He's finally gaining a little weight, but he's gonna lose it all with how much more active he's been lately!  He still doesn't talk a lot.  He says: pa (dad), gi (again), no, bye, go, keys, wide (ride), and lots of noises that mean different things.  I'm trying to keep working on talking with him without getting upset, so hopefully this kid talks soon! He's really been jibbering a lot the last few weeks, so I think it's coming.  Plus spending the whole summer with his cousins will probably help!  

A few days before his birthday, we finally decided to put a party together for him.  We invited all of his nursery friends for Chinese dinner and cupcakes.  It was a fun night, and we are so grateful for all the people we have met here that we consider our friends now.  We wouldn't be able to be here without all of their support!

The night before his birthday, Brock wanted to give him one present.  We got out the guitar we bought him and he LOVES it.  Unfortunately, most of the strings have already broken off, but I'm going to go get some real strings and see if those work. 

The morning of his birthday, I gave him a sprinkle donut for breakfast.  He insisted on his bunny sitting on his tray.  I kept moving it to the table and he would grab it and put it back.  He only at the chocolate and sprinkles of the top....totally my kid.

We had a robot themed party for him.  Talia helped me throw it together last minute, but it turned out pretty cute.  I think all of the kids had fun playing, and we had fun adult time, too (in between fighting over toys and getting our kids to eat!)

After the party, he played with his toys for a while.  At 10:45, he was wiped out and fell asleep on the chair.  What a day for our little boy!


We took Tim bowling a few weeks ago after feeling bad that he hadn't been out of the house all day.  Despite the fact that bowling alleys here in Omaha are not as "family friendly" as the ones in Utah, we really had fun together.  Tim was more entertained by the ball return, but he still really enjoyed bowling  every turn.  Brock killed me - I didn't used to suck so much.  HA We tried to let Tim bowl without the assister one time, but he kicked it down before Brock could help him.  It got stuck in the gutter about 15  feet down the lane and I had to go get it out.  Comical.  He definitely did NOT want to leave when we did, but we had fun!


Tim has really been growing and getting into the toddler stage this last month.  I can tell because my stress levels have risen!  This is the first reason - he LOVES climbing onto the top of the couch and diving down.  I can already see it - one of these days he's gonna bounce so high right off onto the floor.  Oh well - it brings him hours of happiness daily.

Yes, this is the face we get on a daily basis when he's angry/sad/acting funny.

Timmy intently watching for a tornado.  We had a big storm here a few weeks ago, but it ended up not hitting Omaha as much as the news said.  Nonetheless, we enjoyed the thunder & lightning storm, and the peaceful rain throughout the day.

Tim loves this box of fuzzys and pipe cleaners.  They are supposed to be locked in the craft closet, but if it doesn't get shut, then Tim gets it.  And then he throws these EVERYWHERE.

Sunday, April 8, 2012


We had such a great Easter today.  It was hard being away from family on this holiday.  It's really been the biggest holiday we've missed, but we had fun as our own little family.  We started off the day with Tim finding his TWO Easter baskets.  The Easter bunny and Grandma & Grandpa Frampton both brought him one.  I've seen lots of families who do the string around the house leading to the basket, so I thought we would try it this year.  Tim had fun walking back and forth between the two strings, but we could never get him to go all the way to the end.  So finally I pulled his basket out into view and he RAN to it, squatted down, and checked it all out.  It was super cute!  His favorite Easter goody was his egg laying wind up chicken.  So funny.  He also got his favorite book, Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, this time as a cardboard book.  (He ripped the paper one to shreds).  We got him the Max Lucado book "You Are Mine," too.  We LOVE Max Lucado picture books around here.  They are the best.  It was a really cute Easter morning, topped off by pa's French Toast.

We headed off to church after getting ready.  I had a lot to do during Sacrament meeting.  I played "Beautiful Savior" as a piano solo, gave a talk on the Resurrection, and then accompanied Marlene for "I Know That My Redeemer Lives."  It was beautiful.  The spirit definitely touches me the most profoundly through music, and I was grateful to be able to share my testimony of the Savior in so many ways today.  It was also really nice all week to be thinking about what I was going to say for my talk.  It really got me into the real meaning of Easter.  I am grateful to our Savior for his sacrifice.  I know that through him and the resurrection, we will be together eternally with our families.  What peace that brings me when I think of my dad!  And last of all, I know HE LIVES!  

After church, we came home and I made us a ham and scalloped potatoes.  Our maintenance man is really nice, and he was here doing lots of work.  We invited him to join us for Easter dinner, and were grateful to have him in our home for it.  Funny story - while buying the ham yesterday, I looked at Brock and asked what to buy while picking up a random ham.  The lady that was standing next to me also looking at hams looked at me and told me I didn't want the one I was holding.  She directed me to the good ones.  It was really sweet of her, and made me laugh that I didn't know how to buy a ham.  But now I do!

Brock is finishing off the night playing video games with the other two LDS guys in his OT program at Creighton.  Tim fell asleep on his bed at 11:30 (victory for us...crazy, right?), and I'm enjoying having some time to myself!  It was a great day despite being so far from our families.  We're excited to see them in a few more weeks! 

Fun In the Sun

Tim was walking around with his paint the other day (despite the fact that it's supposed to be locked in the closet), so I decided to take his easel outside and let him go to town with it.  He had fun painting, but he mostly just enjoyed being outside.  This kid throws FITS when it's time to come in.  He would stay outside all day and night if we let him.  So while he was out there he had fun painting, drawing with sidewalk chalk, attempting to put the sidewalk chalk in the rain gutter, trying to get daddy up from his nap, and taking a "wide" in his car.

*The picture with his hands clasped is so we can remember the funny little things he does.  He always clasps his hands like that and smiles when he's pleased with himself.  He also puts his hands over his mouth when he thinks he's funny like the other picture.