Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Shower Invasion

I had a rule that we could never lock the bathroom door (it was part of the agreement since I vowed we would be living in a 2 bath apartment but we only have 1).  But then Tim decided that anytime one of us was in the shower, that must mean it's time for his shower, too!  So now we lock the door.  This is what Tim was doing trying to get into the bathroom the other night while Brock was showering.  He's such a little monkey!  I love the one of him trying to take his shirt off so he could get in.

Winter Quarters Temple

The day before Auntie Emmaline headed home, we went to the Mormon Trail Center and visited the Winter Quarters Temple grounds.  There's a new movie shown at the trail center now about families.  It was awesome.  It really helped both Brock and I more fully understand our role and responsibilities as parents, but it also helped us see more of the tender rewards that come from the hard trials as parents.  We love our little Tim, and I'm so grateful that we will be together forever as our little family!

I wish this picture wasn't so blurry, but let this be a lesson to all - having a $3,000 piece of equipment isn't all it takes to get a good picture.  Thanks for trying, Emmaline!

Robo Boy

Tim has really been into robots lately, so the other day I cut a few holes in a box and let him run around.  He was being so funny in it.  Here's the video we promised the family!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

First Time Going Potty!

Timmy went potty on the big boy potty for the first time while we were home in Utah.  It was so cute and he was so proud of himself.  I think we clapped for him for five minutes straight.  He went a lot on it over the next few weeks.  Unfortunately, he appears to be uninterested again (a month later).  Oh well.  I'm definitely not going to push it yet!

Moby & Bee

Tim has been having a hard time with his speech development so we decided to get him a pet to see if that would encourage some talking.  Tara had just gotten her kids a hamster in Utah and Tim liked it so we thought we would go for that instead of a puppy.  Turned out to be great because Tim LOVES his hamsters.  We named them by listening to Tim's babble and trying to pick out some syllables he was putting together.  Moby and Bee came out and the names stuck.  And I'm happy to say that these little guys have really helped Tim try and talk.  He looks at the cage and just goes crazy talking to them.  The other day when Brock was cleaning the cage, I wasn't paying attention to Tim and all of a sudden I heard him scream.  I turned around and he had a hamster dangling from his hand.  I shook his arm (since I'm terrified of all animals, including but not limited to hamsters) and the hamster fell back into the bowl.  Tim proceeded to cry and say "Owie!" He kept saying "owie" all night and looking at his hand.  It was really funny.

  I'm glad we were able to make our little guy happy and hopefully help him a little at the same time.  He's going to be starting in the Early Head Start program in a few weeks.  I'm happy he is getting the help he needs, but am also happy we've seen lots of improvement in the past few weeks.  Here's some words we LOVE that he says:

Wellwo - yellow
Ahoy (so ADORABLE when he says it! His little voice is so cute!)
No (I actually usually hate when he says this one)
Bue - Blue
Momma -(FINALLY!!!!)
Wide - ride

And tonight he said "Lehi" while I was reading his scriptures to him.  So cute.

 Tim really wanted the hamster in his shirt - he kept lifting it up.  Weird kid.

Back in Omaha

So we came back to Omaha from our long summer trip to Utah with a PLUS ONE! YAY for having Auntie Emmaline come home with us for almost a month.  Tim loved having his buddy here, and we loved having Emmaline too.  Part of being a step family is getting to know ALL of my siblings, and this was definitely one of the best ways.  Emma has so many cute things about her, and she's totally a 13 year old TEENAGER.  I cannot even tell you how many times I heard the name "Colin Ford" in one month (the kid from "We Bought A Zoo.")  It was fun being around her because it made me think a lot about when I was 13.  Oh how times have changed!

When momma gets a craving for something sweet, we usually make cookie dough (not cookies...just the dough).  Timmy is totally a momma's boy cause he loves the dough too!

I walked by Tim's room one day and found him watching a movie like this - with his kazoo in his mouth.  What a funny kid!

Last Day in Utah

The day we left to head back to Omaha, we went to Chuck E Cheese with my family.  It definitely is a place for the kid in all of us.  It was fun to not have the whole family there for a change though because Grandma was able to spend a little more time with Timmy before we left.  We loved being home in Utah for the summer, and are grateful for all our families did for us while we were there.  It's nice to get a break from life (especially one that long), and hopefully we will be back soon!

Farmington Carnival

We went down to Farmington one day to go to the small carnival they have there.  Once again, Grandpa found the most sugar filled snack and fed it to Tim :)  I love being with my family, no matter where it is!  It was a really hot day though, so we decided to take advantage of the splash park after we walked around the carnival.  Or should I say Ila took advantage of it - Tim just watched and wouldn't get wet.

Fun in Rock Springs

Tim and I spent a week in Rock Springs with Morgan, Ila, Laini, and Chantz so we could get to know little Laini more.  Unfortunately, my two year old son and one year old niece decided the week would be better spent fighting with each other.  Tim couldn't communicate with Ila when he didn't like something (since he doesn't talk) so he would scream at her.  Then she would get mad and hit or push him.  Then he would cry.  This happened like every 10 minutes all week long.  So needless to say, it wasn't a totally relaxing trip.  Mo and I are really hoping the next time they get together, they will play better.  I know it's just a hard time for kids at this age to play nice together, but I really thought they would do better than they did!  They did have a few moments though - like when Ila got in Tim's bath with her clothes on. (Minus her diaper - she took that off before she got in).  These two are funny together!

And yes, Tim does like to sit in the grocery cart and watch TV.  Kind of really funny.

And then there were THREE grand babies!  Tim (25 months, Ila 20 months, Laini 3 weeks)

Riding a Trike

One of the fun things Tim learned how to do this summer was ride a tricycle!  It was so cute to see him concentrate so hard on peddling his little feet and trying to steer at the same time.  He wants so bad to do what all the big kids do, but he's just too little to do a lot of it!  He would totally be able to ride his trike better if he would just grow a little.  But he's not letting it hold him back.  Love my persistent little dude!

Family Portraits 2012

It wouldn't be a year without some new family portraits!  My friend Chelsea took our pics for us again this year.  I love these ones.  Probably my favorite ones!  Totally makes me miss my long hair though since I just cut it all off.  I'm excited to print these off and get them hung in our home!