Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Phone Dump

I'm really bad at taking pictures with my iPhone instead of my real camera...But here is really a look into our last 5 or so months!  
*Note - there are kind of a lot of pictures of Tim watching about wake up call!

Tim likes to carry his "baby" his pants.  Kinda funny.

Timmy driving the jeep at the Omaha Zoo

Hanging with Auntie Lilli during our Christmas trip to Utah

Timmy at Auntie Mo's....sleeping...naked....I don't remember the exact story behind this.  I just know he was being crabby and he wanted to stay asleep.

I decided to do a shelf in our kitchen that we could decorate for each season.  This is my "february" shelf.  It's almost April and this shelf is still up....

The bow I made for Laini at Young Women's

This kid loves jalepeno cheetos.  Thank you, Marlene!  This is your fault... :)

Tim & Jo during one of their "play dates"

Tim in a bulldozer at the "Construction Zone" play area at OCM

Finger painting on his tray

So we were at Target and Tim saw this little potty.  He got it off the shelf and pretty much wouldn't get off of it.  We debated buying it right then since he seemed interested in it.  But it was the baby bjorn one and it was like $40.  No thank you.  So I got him one at Ikea for $5.  He uses it as a chair...

Tim and Ila eating lunch when they came to visit.

Tim and Ila - Wannabe Mozarts

Me and Emma at Snow.  She gave Audrey her tour when we went back last week!

Tim in his carseat in our new Rogue.  Me and him drove back from Utah by ourselves.  He did fantastic!  Good little trooper!  It definitely helped that we stopped halfway and stayed in Cheyanne.

Grandma Comes to Omaha

A week after Auntie Mo and Ila came to visit, it was Grandma's turn!  Grandma got in from the airport while I was at the Omaha Bridal Show getting my photography business started in Omaha.  I was so excited to see her when she walked in.  I love my momma, but I have definitely craved TIME with her, ALONE, for a LONG time!  It's not easy getting this woman alone - she has 9 kids and a husband who all fight over her!  But she was OURS, for EIGHT DAYS!

Our 8 days went by super fast.  The week was filled with consultations from the bridal show aftermath, eating good food (good try mom....I'm snacking on cheetos while typing this...), and shopping.  LOTS of shopping.  It was really fun to spoil ourselves for a week.  It was even more fun to have her all to myself and to really improve our mother-daughter relationship.  I really enjoyed watching her with Tim, and allowing him that one-on-one time to get to know his Grandma a little better.  Tim has been very blessed with families on both sides that just absolutely love him, and we are always very grateful to see his relationships with all of them form.  It was extra special to have that extra grandma-time for him when mom was here!

Right before the bridal show, our Audi decided to die.  The transmission went out at the tune of $4,300 to fix.  So needless to say, we decided it was time for a new car.  My awesome brother-in-law, Chantz, worked up some numbers at his dealership.  With the help of my grandpa in Ohio, we were able to put together a deal for a new Nissan Rogue.  Well, one night my mom and I decided to go drive by the Nissan deanship in Omaha so I could actually see what we were getting.  (We looked for Rogues on the road, but ours is the new model and we didn't see any like it).  After driving around for 45 minutes, we finally discovered the Nissan deanship we were looking for was closed.  Thank you, Google Maps. It was late, but I really wanted a diet Coke from Mcdonalds.  So we pulled through, ordered the coke, and went up to pay.  We added a sundae on at the window, paid, and then realized that we paid for a different order.  I had to be refunded and pay again.  Then we pull up to the window and the guy tells us he was waiting on our nuggets...but we didn't order nuggets.  We get our coke and our sundae and pull away.  I took a sip and realized quickly that all I had was a large cup of carbonated water.  Yuck.  So we went to another Mcdonalds and pretty much got the same cup of gross coke.  Moral of the story....Omaha is awesome.  And I'm glad my mom got to see it in action.  So our new joke is "How many McDonald's workers does it take to get an order right in Omaha?  Answer: Unknown."  

We love Grandma/Momma Steff.  She's the best, and we are truly grateful that she took the time to spend with us.  We realized after that my mom has NEVER spent this much dedicated alone time with any of her kids, and it really meant a lot to us that she did it.

I love you, Momma!

Auntie and Ila Come for A Visit!

There is little that means more to me than my relationships with my family.  I was so happy when Morgan told me she bought her plane ticket to come visit us in Omaha.  At 7 months pregnant with an 18 month old, this was kind of a big deal!!  It was so exciting picking Auntie Mo and Ila up from the airport and knowing that they were ours for the week!  Tim and Ila are definitely at the age where they play together now, so it was so much fun to allow them that time to really get to know each other and form a much closer bond.

We had fun ALL week.  We went to the Omaha Zoo, the Omaha Children's Museum, explored the Old Market area downtown, got lots of stuff ready for my bridal show, went to the Shriner's Circus, played at Chuck E Cheese's, and ate, shopped, and had a great time!  And of course, we threw some pictures in there.  No visit is complete without a photo shoot!

I really needed that time with Morgan.  She came to visit for a few days lots of times when we lived in Logan.  But since she lives in the middle of nowhere Wyoming, there were always errands she needed to run.  We never had time just to hang out as sisters.  Having this week where we really just focused on what would be fun for the kids, we spent QUALITY time together.  I found myself missing her so much more after she left.  Our relationship strengthened and we are closer than I thought possible.  I'm so grateful to her for taking the time out of her schedule, packing her pregnant butt across the country, and spending so much time with us here in Omaha.  It means the world to me.  Thank you, Morgan!  We love you!!

My beautiful sister - pregnant with little Adelain (Laini!)

We Knew They'd Call Him On A Mission!

We are so excited.  Evan (my most favorite step-brother) got his mission call!  We are so excited.  He's my first brother to serve a mission, and we couldn't be more proud of him.  Since we are in Nebraska, we decided we would Skype to see him open his mission call.  It was a great idea...until there were about 5 other people skyping at the same time.  All was well with the internet connection, until about 5 seconds into him reading his call (prior to reading where he was going!)  I was so bummed to miss that moment, but after about 5 minutes, we finally were told.

Elder Frampton will be serving in the Peurto Rico Spanish speaking mission!

I truly am grateful for Evan and his example to Tim.  Although Tim most likely won't remember Evan being on his mission, it makes me happy that he has so many uncles to look up to that have served faithfully.  Timmy has his Grandpa Tim, Grandpa Chris, Uncle Benji, Uncle Cody, Uncle Evan, and of course, DADDY who all have given him a great path to follow of two years of faithful service to the Lord.

We couldn't be more excited for Evan.  We know there will be some trials along the way, but I know that the Lord will greatly bless him for all his efforts.  We love you, Elder Frampton, and can't wait to get you out there in a couple months!

Here are "pictures" of Evan opening his call (aka me taking pictures of the computer screen!)