Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Primary Program & My Boy

Timmy was in his first primary program last Sunday.  I got him a new outfit and made him a cute little tie (the morning of) to go with his new sweater.  He looked so dapper, I just had to get a picture!  And I'm glad I did because these are both two of my all-time favorites of my boys.  Tebow's paw even makes an appearance.

I am so proud of Tim and how great he did at the program.  The last few weeks he has been terrified of nursery because they've been taking the kids into the primary room to practice for the program.  For whatever reason, Tim FREAKS when we try to take him into the primary room, so he's been hanging out with me in Young Women's or Brock in Elder's Quorum.

When it came time in the program for the nursery kids to go up to the pulpit and sing "The Wise Man and the Foolish Man" as well as say their individual parts, Tim did awesome!  He went right up to the side of the pulpit, promptly put his hands on the ledge, and pulled himself up so he could see the congregation.  I can just see his little eyes poking over the ledge.  It's such a right of passage for little Mormon kids!  I loved it!  I helped him do the hand signs to the song (which is now his favorite to sing around the house! - he goes around doing the "rock" sign all the time).  He had an absolute blast with that and just smiled the whole time.  His line was "I can pray."  I worked really hard the last couple of weeks to try and get him to say it, but he just couldn't get it out.  But it was so cute because he walked up to the microphone, "talked" into it very gently, and then I said his line for him.  We could tell he was so proud of himself and he was all smiles.

I'm so grateful for my little boy.  And I'm grateful for everything he learns in nursery.  It reminds me of the things I need to be teaching him at home, and I'm grateful for that gentle reminder.  I'm grateful to know that Tim is MINE - FOREVER.  He is such a sweet little boy, even when he's naughty!  I can't imagine not having the knowledge of the Gospel - not having the understanding of how PERFECT each and every child is.  How SPECIAL each and every child is to our Heavenly Father.  How IMPORTANT each and every child is.  And Tim is no exception!

Since we are going through fertility treatments again, I am often thinking of newborns and babies.  I long to be a mom to another sweet child, but that hurt and ache isn't there this time through all the treatments like it was last time.  We have Tim.  When I think about having a baby and how it just hasn't happened again for us yet, I almost immediately stop before sadness takes over and look at MY Tim.  I am comforted immensely by him.  He makes me so happy, but more than that, he brings more JOY to my life than ANYONE else EVER has.  My heart hurts (in great way!) with the love I have for my little boy. Lately, I've been brought to tears in the most random moments when I look at him.  I'm overwhelmed with love.  I was doing the dishes the other day and he came in and was playing with a toy on the floor.  I looked at him and literally had to stop doing dishes while I composed myself.  Motherhood is the greatest blessing my Heavenly Father has given me.  I'm so grateful that I have Tim.  And if he is all I'm given, he is ENOUGH to bring me a lifetime of happiness and joy.  Do I want more children.  Yes.  Do I feel like I will have more - definitely.  But the peace it brings me knowing that I have Tim is so great while I go through all these treatments is such a blessing.   I love my little boy!


Saturday, October 27, 2012

Vala's Pumpkin Patch Omaha 2012

We went to Vala's again this year in the fall to enjoy all the fun activities there and take a hay ride.  It was fun going with our friends Jolene & Wade and their little boy Tanner.  Mike came along with his kiddos too.  Vala's has lots of fun activities, but it was especially cute to see how big Tim has gotten this year.  Last year at the "how tall this fall" board, he was about 2 1/2 feet.  He's grown a couple inches since then, but he's definitely much more independent.  Love my little guy, and am excited to go again next year.  Hopefully my purse won't get stolen while we play in the corn though! But I do love that we have practically the same picture of the two of us in the corn last year, too!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Farewell, Elder Frampton!

My little brother recently left for the MTC.  He'll be serving his mission in the San Juan, Puerto Rico Mission.  I cannot express how happy I am that I made it home for his farewell and to drop him off at the MTC.  It's an experience I'll never forget, and one I'll always remember when I think about taking Tim in 15 1/2 years!

My step-dad really wanted to get Tim and I there for the farewell, so with his help with the airplane ticket, Tim and I made it.  BARELY.  I literally walked in 3 minutes after Evan started his talk.  I couldn't believe we actually got there!  I had a photo shoot I couldn't reschedule the night before, so we only had one option to take the flight that got there in just enough time.   Evan gave a great talk, and I really look forward to hearing the one he gives when he gets home!

Wednesday came and it was time to take him to the MTC.  I knew the rules of drop off had changed, that literally you just drop off your missionary on the curb and say a quick goodbye.  There was a parking lot across the street though where we all went to say goodbye.  I'm just proud of Evan, and grateful that he is a great Uncle and example to Tim.

When it came time to take him across the street, I went with the parents so I could take pictures for them.  What an AWESOME experience seeing all these young men waiting to take in the new missionaries getting dropped off.  The spirit was so strong there - it truly was electrifying.  Evan almost immediately spotted a friend from high school who was escorting the new missionaries in.  He yelled his name out the window and the kid said he would come get Evan.  It was so awesome for him to have a friend helping him, and I really think it helped put all the parents at ease.  The goodbye was quick, and off he went!

At one point, I overheard the missionary in the car behind us say he was going to the Omaha, Nebraska mission!  Seriously?!  I asked his parents after they said goodbye what his name was, and told them that hopefully I would be feeding their son soon!  I thought that was just crazy!

While we were pulling away, I couldn't help but get emotional about not having the experience of being a missionary.  I looked at all of these new excited young people, and truly was JEALOUS of them and the opportunity they have to serve the Lord.  It hit me like a ton of bricks because I wasn't expecting that kind of emotion after saying goodbye.  Now after the new announcement was made that lowered the age for sister missionaries to 19, I'm even more sad I didn't go on one!  But being in the Conestoga branch is probably as close to a mission as one could get without being called to serve one.  So I am happy for the opportunities I have now to serve.

Once we got back across the street to pick up the whole family, I picked Tim up and pointed to the MTC.  I told him I expected him to be there soon, and that it's where he needed to be.  Hopefully I can do what I need to as a mom to get him there!  I totally lost it when I was telling him that - it just hit me that truly my role as a mom right now is to do everything I can for the next 15 1/2 years to get my son to THAT PLACE.  There is no where I would rather him be than there when he needs to be there.  What an amazing experience!


Recent Adventures

We've been busy around our house lately.  First of all, we got Timmy a new best friend.  His name is Tebow, and he's a poodle and probably Shi-Tzu mix.  We got him from the Humane Society (someone left him in the "dropbox" overnight without any paperwork), so it was kind of risky adopting him.  He was shivering like CRAZY in the cages when we looked at him.  He stayed in the back and wouldn't come play like all the other dogs.  But he was the perfect size AND he doesn't shed, so we decided to take a look at him.  He was a very fun and energetic dog in the room, so we took a chance.  And we're glad we did.  Although he needs a lot of behavioral training, he is potty trained and is a very loyal dog.  We're so happy with him!

I just liked these pictures of Tim hanging in our bedroom.  Brock is in his busiest and hardest year at school right now.  My business has really picked up as well from the bridal show I did in the spring, and I'm working over 40 hours a week.  So unfortunately for Tim, he's on his own a lot while I work on the computer and Brock studies.  Does it make me feel like a good mom?  NO.  Am I happy we've been able to avoid daycare?  You bet.  So this is what it is.  But he's such a good boy, and we have lots of fun when we get some time to play.  After November 3, I'm all his until March!  I'm already counting down the days!

One of my good friends from Logan just moved a couple of hours away.  We were so happy when she let her boys come play while her and her husband went to the temple one day.  It's so nice to have someone familiar from "home" here in our new place.  Although we've been in Omaha over a year now, home hasn't ever seemed so far away.  It's good to have people around who understand!