Friday, January 25, 2013

Buddah Comes to Visit

We got a great surprise the other day when Buddah (aka my Great-Uncle Toby) stopped by our house on his way to Colorado.  Apparently I was a fat baby so I got nicknamed "Buddah" when I was younger.  Once I got old enough to understand it, I nicknamed Uncle Toby "Big Buddah."  We've been close ever since.  I absolutely love my uncle and was so excited to get to see him!  I love seeing any family really here in Omaha, but it was neat to see him since it's been years.  He's been through a lot the past few years, so it felt great to hug him and tell him I love him.  Plus he finally got to meet Brock and Tim.  It was a great few minute visit!


So if you refer back to the post on Christmas at the Frampton's, you'll see a picture of Tim putting on goggles.  Well, they rarely come off these days.  We've been grocery shopping, to the Doctor's office, and many other places with goggles on lately.  I love it.  I think it's so cute that he loves them.  

One day, Tim and daddy were playing soccer.  Tim was all happy and having a great time.  Then dad decided he wanted to be funny and decided to kick the ball hard.  And it hit Tim in the face.  Unfortunately he didn't have his goggles on his eyes for protection, but he let dad know that it was still hurting an hour later.  Did I mention I got it on video and it's actually kinda hilarious now?!

The picture of Tim with his hands up above his hands is one of my favorites.  He's got pretty healthy self-confidence and is always congratulating himself.  One of his favorite ways to do it is by putting his hands above his heads and saying "Woo hoo!! I did it!"  I'm so glad I got a picture of it because I just love when he does it!  He also sticks his tongue out and licks his chin often - kinda drives me nuts, but it's cute in a funny way.  This kid is such a character!

Random Utah Pictures

We had such a great time going home for the holidays.  I'm getting really homesick here in Omaha, so that was exactly the break I needed.  I got to take some pictures in Utah, Brock got to play lots of video games, and Tim got to know his cousins better.  He even came up with a new name for his grandmas.... it's "Gramit." So funny.  That's what he calls them both.  We took Mobe and Bee to Grandma Frampton's to stay since we'll be back this summer.  Tim came into my room the other day and said, "Momma!  Bee?  Go?  Gramit!"  It was so funny that he knew where Bee was, but was still wondering why in the world he got left at Gramit's house!  

Tim decided to get ALL his play money and dump it everywhere.  Needless to say, that toy didn't make it home with us because it took FOREVER to clean up!

Kambry and I had a lot of fun playing American Girl dolls over the break.  She got her first doll for Christmas, and I have all mine in storage over at Melanie's.  Whenever I go home, I get them out for the little girls to play with.  We literally played for like 4 hours - took me right back to childhood!

Christensen Game Night

Since everyone bailed on temple lights, Cody and Holly decided to do a family game night.  They just finished re-doing their basement we used to live in, and it's beautiful!  There is so much room for the whole family, and the kids had a blast since it's not furnished too much yet.  Us adults had fun playing games and getting to know each other (despite the fact that when playing a game of how well you know someone, most people didn't get any right about me!...)

I love the picture of Tim in Izzy's room since that used to be his nursery.  I love that the home we brought our baby home to is a family home so we will always be able to see it.  It's a special place to us, so it always feels like "home" when we are there!

I forgot my camera over there, so when I got it back, I got these nice little pictures of the stuffed chicken.  So funny. 

Frampton Family Cabin 2012

Imagine driving through beautiful Logan canyon on your way to your family vacation.  The baby is sleeping and it's a peaceful ride.  You get out of the canyon and see the whole overlook of the lake.  Then your baby wakes up - barking like a seal - and there is no doctor in sight.  Yes, that can happen.  And it happened to us.  Tim woke up right when we got into Garden City with a horrible yucky cough and was just miserable.  The WHOLE family had already had the flu, but it didn't sound like the flu.  It sounded like the cough he had when he got RSV at the same time two years ago.  So after a day of trying to make him comfortable, we took him to the Emergency Care (still waiting on that bill....) and sure enough, RSV.  The PA thought it was maybe croup so he got a steroid shot along with the nebulizer we took with us to help break up the mucus.  Poor kid was miserable, and it kinda made the cabin a bust for us.  No sledding, no playing in the snow.... but we got to spend time with the family and that's what we were really there for!  Hopefully next year we have a healthy kiddo because he's always sick over Christmas!

Christmas Afternoon 2012

After having Christmas morning, we waited for Aunt Lilli to get dropped off at Grandma Melanie's so we could all head down to Farmington for the Frampton family Christmas.  Morgan and Chantz had Christmas there, so Ila had all her fun new toys.  The big blocks were a huge hit for everyone! 

We also got our family gift from Elder Frampton.  He sent the sweetest letter.  I'm really proud of him for being out on his mission, and grateful we got to experience a Christmas with a missionary.  He sent me a little change purse from Puerto Rico and sent brock a fake chicken (to go with a shirt he got him from Hawaii a while ago).  Too funny and so sweet he thought of us.  I'm an awesome step-sister and didn't send him anything.  He did get a Christmas card at least...

We had a really fun Christmas watching all the little Aunts open their presents.  We're at that stage in our family where my siblings don't really believe in Santa anymore, and the little ones don't understand yet.  I think next Christmas will be "magical," so I'm really looking forward to it.  This year though, it just felt good to be with family!

Christmas Eve 2012

We spent Christmas Eve at Melanie's house for the annual Christmas party.  Tim really loved his presents and finally got excited about opening them.  He did make sure all the paper was off before looking at his gift.  

The whole time we were at Grandma Melanie's, Tim was obsessed with the ping-pong paddles and balls.  So we Alivia was there on Christmas Eve and wanted to play with them too, a little bit of a fit ensued from Tim.  He made her cry, and then tried to give her a paddle to make it better.  He was really possessive of his paddles.  So funny.   

It was fun seeing how big baby Maia has gotten since we left this summer.  She's such a happy baby, and I loved getting to be around her this trip!

Christmas Morning 2012

We had such a great Christmas morning.  We stayed over at Melanie's so we would have a quiet morning to ourselves.  Tim really loved opening his presents this year, and said "Oh wow!" after every one he opened.  It was too cute.  Who would have thought that his favorite present was the dollar store motorcycles and his goggles?  Brock and I had fun exchanging our gifts, too.  Our big gift was the ipad and camera we recently bought, so we got each other things that we need.  It was a peaceful morning with our fun little guy!

PS - Black Friday deals from Toys-R-Us will no longer get my attention.  All the things we bought for cheap ended up being really crappy quality and getting left behind in the dumpster.  Oh well!