Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Miracle Number Two!

March 23, 2013 will go down as a great day in our family history.  After 2 1/2 years of trying to for another baby, we finally found out we were pregnant!  I woke up early in the morning to get ready for a wedding.  Even though I had taken a pregnancy test the day before and it was negative, I decided to take another one (one of the awesome and depressing events that happen often when struggling with infertility).  I couldn't believe it when it was positive!  Of course you always wonder if that second line is really there, but I knew it was and I was so excited.  Morgan was at our house with her girls, so I quietly went to Brock, woke him up, and showed him.  Luckily he reacted much better to the news this time than he did with Tim.  I think he knew he better be a lot happier this time.... But really, we were both to the point where we really wanted another baby, so he was genuinely happy.  Nothing could have ruined that day for me, even when I went two hours in the wrong direction to my wedding that day!

I wanted to write a little about how much we went through to get this baby here.  I realize there are lots of people who never get to enjoy the feeling of being pregnant, but having my own kids doesn't make it any easier when month after month the negative pregnancy tests come and the process of trying starts all over.

After not doing anything to prevent pregnancy since having Tim, we finally decided last summer to start pursuing fertility treatments.  After trying Clomid for one cycle and having no signs of it working, my fertility specialist switched me to Femarra.  I was really optimistic since that's what my sister used to get pregnant quick.  I was even more optimistic when it actually worked and helped an egg form.  My doctor also had me to an HCG trigger shot in the middle of the month to make sure the egg ovulated.  I really thought that's all it was going to take.  Well, four months later with the exact same thing each time (not to mention having to pay for the Femarra out of pocket as well as the shot), we still weren't pregnant.  My doctor told me I could try one more round, but after that, we would have to start trying IUI at $1,000 a try.  She did add a progesterone supplement though, so I was hoping it worked.  Really, I had given up that it was going to work.  We made plans to move to a cheaper apartment so we could afford to try the IUI treatment three times and I waited for the negative test.  I guess sometimes we just have to show Heavenly Father that we are willing to make more sacrifices because I got pregnant that month!  I can't explain how excited I am to know exactly what "cocktail" of medications I need to get pregnant since all we changed was adding the progesterone.  I have such a high hope that although we will still need fertility medications in the future, we'll be able to go in, get them, and get pregnant more quickly.  I also know that I had lost weight both before getting pregnant with Tim and with this baby, so clearly I just need to stay in shape as well.  This baby truly is our second miracle!

After getting over the initial shock and excitement of finally being pregnant, everything started to set it. It set in that our kids are over 3 1/2 years apart and it's all going to "start" again.  It kicked in that I'll have a kid out of diapers for about 9 months and then get to start with diapers again too.  I have to say I'm pretty excited about that one.  Honestly, I realized too that although I thought I wanted my kids WAY closer together, I am LOVING how much time we've had with Tim and the great relationship both Brock and I have with him.  I have no doubt that he'll be a great brother and that he'll still know that we love him.  In all honesty, I hope all my kids are spaced this far.  

I was worried about sickness with this one because of when I was sick with Tim.  I started getting really sick with Tim at 11 weeks and it lasted to about 15 weeks.  Since we're living in Utah this summer and I had to go back to Omaha most weekends for weddings, I realized that I would be flying back and doing all the weddings during that time frame of when I was sick with Tim.  Fortunately, I started getting sick around 7 weeks and it lasted until about 13 weeks.  It seriously was such a blessing. I'm thinking it was so different from Tim because I was on progesterone for the first trimester and it just made my body react different.  I never threw up with this one which was nice, but I felt like crap from the time I woke up until about 8 or 9 every night.  It was miserable, and I'm glad it's over!

I started "showing" WAY earlier.  Around 12 weeks I was already popped out pretty much.  Everyone says you show earlier with your second, but seriously.... I was in a bikini in Hawaii at 12 weeks with Tim and not showing at all.  Pretty funny when people ask me when I'm due and I tell them the end of November.  I get some great reactions.  

12 weeks pregnant
15 weeks pregnant

Finding a doctor in Omaha was quite the adventure.  Since I had been seeing an NP fertility specialist, I had to find an OBGYN for my actual pregnancy.  The specialist did do a 6 week ultrasound before I had to find a different doctor, so we did get to see the little one at 6 weeks.   At first I was going to go to the doctor that originally referred me to the specialist last year, but after calling the office and finding out they wouldn't see me until 12 weeks, I decided to change.  I would have been fine with it if I wasn't on the progesterone supplement, but it concerned me that they didn't even want to take labs when I was taking a hormone with pregnancy.  So I went to another doctor a friend used.  Well, the office was really ghetto and both Brock and I just didn't have a good feeling about her.  So then we finally just went to the LDS doctor that pretty much every woman in my stake goes to.  I should have just gone to him first, but I've never had a male doctor and I didn't know how I would like it.  But we went at 8 weeks and we LOVED him.  He was awesome.  Pretty much the male version of my doctor that delivered Tim.  He gave me another ultrasound at 8 weeks so we got to see the little one again.  Best part about switching doctors so many times!!

We left for Utah when I was around 12 weeks so I had another doctors appointment right before we left.  It scared me when we couldn't hear the heartbeat since we heard Tim's from 6 weeks on.  The doctor said not to worry and that he wanted me to have an ultrasound again to make sure everything was good before we left for the summer.  I didn't realize how scared I was until the ultrasound tech pulled up the picture and I couldn't see the heart beat.  I made some comment like "Come on baby.  Show us!" to which the ultrasound tech immediately told me there was a heart beat and pointed it out.  I started crying and was so relieved.  As much fun as it was to see the baby at 12 weeks, I would have rather just heard the heart beat on the doppler!  Too dramatic for me!  It really was cool to see the baby though because at 8 weeks it really didn't look like much, but at 12 weeks it really looked like a little human.  

Since Brock won't be with me at my next Doctor appointment in Omaha, we decided to try out Fetal Fotos in South Salt Lake to see if we could find out what the baby was at 15 weeks.  My mom was convinced we wouldn't be able to, but they advertise being able to tell the gender at 15 weeks so I wanted to try.  I definitely thought I was having a girl (along with everyone else except my mom) since my pregnancy was so different at the beginning.  But about 4 minutes into the ultrasound, the little one kept wiggling around but finally showed us that he's a BOY!  I had about half a second of being bummed, but then it started hitting me that we'll have two boys.  Really I only want a girl to put cute bows on anyway...  I'm so excited for Tim to have a little brother.  The rest of the ultrasound was really fun.  I'm totally bummed that we had decided not to get a DVD of it prior to the ultrasound because this little guy was going nuts!  He was bending both legs and kicking off the "wall" and floating around.  He flipped upside down and just wiggled around the whole time.  I never realized how much you can see them moving in ultrasounds because Tim always just sat still!  It was so cute though.  Definitely something I'll never forget.

My back hurt pretty bad for the first 14 weeks, but luckily it's subsided a little lately.  I think it's mostly from doing weddings all day and all the flying, but it was REALLY bad for a bit.  I'm glad it's been better lately.  I have been getting Braxton hicks a lot though.  I can't lay on my back or my stomach gets really hard and it kills.  

I think I started feeling him this week, but I'm definitely excited for when his kicks get bigger and Brock and Tim can start feeling him.  I think just knowing that he's alive and kicking all the time will be comforting.  I'm always freaked out that's something is wrong, so I can't wait to feel him more!

As of right now, I think we're going to name him Deacon Corbett Christensen.  Brock isn't set on either of them yet, and we've thrown around the idea of just naming him Corbett.  Tim says "Deacon" so darn cute though that I just want to name him that to hear Tim say it all the time. We'll see what happens.  Boys' names are hard!

We are so excited for this little guy to join us sometime in November.  My doctor said that because Tim was 18 days early, he wouldn't be surprised if that repeated itself.  I hope so because I don't want to drive home to Utah for Christmas two weeks after having a baby! Plus I never got to that horribly uncomfortable stage with Tim since he came early, but since I'm already a lot bigger this pregnancy, I doubt I'll be able to avoid it again.  

Little boy, we can't wait to meet you!!