Friday, August 9, 2013

Can't Forget These

* Tim's spontaneous dance parties make me happy.  I'll look over to him dancing like crazy to a TV show song, or music from a toy.  I just love it!

* I've been waking up lately to a little face in mine saying "Mommy, wake up" ever so softly.  When I open my eyes, he promptly turns around so I can spoon him and says "Cuddle me."  I'll never say no to that!

* With my belly getting bigger, it's the cutest thing when Tim comes and stands right at my feet and looks up at me.  All I see is the top of his head and his little eyes looking at me.  The rest of his face is covered by my belly.  Adorable!

* Tim was throwing his stuffed dog at me the other day and I kept telling him to stop.  I was working on pictures on my computer and needed to get work done.  Well, he threw it again - right at the large full glass of chocolate milk sitting on my desk.  The milk spilled EVERYWHERE - all over the computer, my external hard drive (with all of my unedited weddings....yeah), the keyboard, papers on the desk, the remote.  Everything got wet.  I promptly jumped up, said a naughty word, and proceeded to clean it up.  Meanwhile, as soon as it happened, Tim promptly ran to his room.  When it was all cleaned up, Tim walks up to me with his blanket wrapped all around him.  All I could see were his little eyes and a bit of the rest of his face.  He smiles and says ever so softly, "Sorry mommy!"  Oh my gosh. It was so cute!  It was the first time that he apologized on his own.  I thought it was adorable that he recognized he did something wrong and that mommy was really mad.  It just melted my heart!

Friday, August 2, 2013

The Rest of July

We had a lot of fun finishing up our time in Utah.  Cody and Holly hosted their now annual Christensen family pool party.  Tim loved it.  I loved it too - until Tim threw up in the pool!  That was a fun mess to clean....  I think it was all the doritos he ate right before getting in the pool.  That's what's all over his mouth.  

Tim, Liv, and Branson had fun playing together at the party.  It's fun to see them all interact now since their age differences aren't as noticeable.  Tim still just adores Liv and is continually talking about her now that we are home.  He just drew her a picture to mail her.  It was so fun to have ALL of the cousins in one place for the night before we left.  I can't believe we didn't get a picture though!

Tim came with me to a photoshoot at the Utah State Capitol building.  Alice snapped a couple of pictures for us while we were waiting for the bride to change.  Tim also entertained us with his splits.  He does the splits a lot when he's super excited.  It was so funny because he was really excited about something at grandma's house one day, and to show his excitement he jumped into the splits.  Hilarious!  He also had fun hearing his echo at the capitol building, so it was a great day for him. 

He does this cute thing lately too where he does his eye "goggles" when we tell him to look at something.  He did it at the Bees game a few weeks ago.  I saw the Bee a couple sections over from us.  I told Tim to look at the Bee and he immediately put his little circled hands to his eyes to look at him.  So cute!