Saturday, September 21, 2013

Timmy Swims!

Unfortunately I don't have any pictures, but I just had to document that Tim started trying to swim on his own yesterday!  We recently got a YMCA pass, and have been going to a really nice pool out West to swim a few times a week.  Since he can't wear water-wings, and he doesn't really swim all that well in a life-jacket, we've just been playing in the parts he can touch in.  I did discover that I can tie a noodle around him and he can swim like that, but he still wasn't the biggest fan.  I looked up how to teach toddlers how to swim, and one of the suggestions was to "torpedo" him between two people.  We did it the other day and he had fun, but he took it to the next step yesterday.  I noticed while we were passing him back and forth that he started to purposely put his head under the water.  Then he started to keep his feet up and kicking the whole time.  Eventually, he put his head under the water with his eyes open while paddling his hands and feet.  It was SO ADORABLE!  When I would lift him out of the water after a few seconds, his eyes were just so wide.  It was completely apparent how proud he was of himself.  We realized too that he would put his feet down (we were in the area he could touch the whole time) if he got too tired, too.  It was just so cute to see his eyes wide open right under the surface and to watch him stand up - proud of what he accomplished.  As soon as we got out and got in the showers, he started asking if we could "go swimming again 'morrow?!"  He asked all night.  I can't wait to take him again next week and see if he does it again.  I'm a proud momma and I'm so grateful for this time we've had to have Tim all to ourselves!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

St. Louis

On a last minute whim, we decided to make a 7 hour trip to St. Louis for the Cardinals vs Braves baseball series.  We had planned on going for a while, but we never really made concrete plans.  The night before around 1:30 am, Brock and I booked a hotel and decided to make a trip of it.  Although the first game was REALLY HOT and HUMID, we still had fun.  We got great seats that night for a decent price since it was a Thursday game.  Time was interested at first, but that shortly faded.  We probably got about 7 cups of ice from concessions (I couldn't believe they didn't charge us!) just to try and keep cool.  Tim ended up just playing with the baseball bat dad got him, but we got to watch most of the game.  We stayed the whole time, and really loved the last two innings when everyone around us left!  We had lots of empty chairs to ourselves and no dripping sweaty guy in front of us impeding our view....and right to fresh air.

The next day was swimming at the hotel pool morning.  Tim is such a little fish and has no fear when it comes to jumping in the water with his water wings.  He absolutely LOVES swimming, and I really need to take him more.  He's always asking to go.

After swimming we headed to the Hard Rock St. Louis. It was about as entertaining and expensive as every other Hard Rock, but there's just something fun about going to them!  We decided to hit up the Omnimax theater at the science center next.  Unfortunately when we got there and saw the $10 parking fee on top of the expensive tickets, we decided to head back to the hotel and take a nap instead.  So we took a two hour nap and headed back to the ball park for night two.  We sat pretty far up in the stadium, but we were on the front row of the upper deck.  Honestly, they were great seats.  Pretty scary with a toddler though!  The railing definitely was not high enough, so I was a little edgy with him the whole time.  I bought a misting fan earlier in the day though, so it was a much more relaxed game than the first day!

On the way home, we stopped at the Liberty Jail church history site.  It was interesting, and I'm glad we got a little church history into our trip.  It was also really fun on our way there when we passed both the Kansas City and St. Louis temples right on our route.  They both just popped up out of no where.  It's really neat seeing the church influence around the country!

It was super sad when we got home.  When we pulled into our driveway, Tim BURST into tears.  He kept crying and saying "No! No!"  He had been talking about his cousins and grandma in the car, and we think that he thought we were going to Utah.  Usually when he's in the car all day, it ends with seeing family!  It was so sad to see him so disappointed, but a real eye opener that he needs his family as much as we do!  He loves his cousins, grandparents, aunts, and uncles and misses them all VERY much!  He seriously always talks about them.  It's very sweet.

Latest Happenings & Pregnancy Update

Tim, my mom, and me all headed back from Utah a few weeks before the original plan.  It just made more sense with how many weddings I was going to have to fly back and forth for, so that meant that we were without daddy for a couple weeks!  Tim and I really had an enjoyable time together, especially since Grandma only got to stay a few days.  We really LOVED having her here since she was able to watch Tim while I had back to back weddings.  We definitely miss grandma babysitters in Omaha!

We Skyped with Brock a few times while we were apart.  Poor Tim had so many transitions this summer - moving to Utah, living with Grandma & Grandpa and LOTS of aunties, not having his own room and toys....  The poor kid.  He did really well for the most part.  He started peeing the bed, but I think it was because I was leaving every weekend for Omaha and was gone three days at a time.  For a kid who is never away from his mom, no matter how much fun he was having with aunts and cousins, I think it was just a little much.  So ever since then, every time I say "I love you!"  he says back to me, "I COME!"  Poor kid.  Did I mention he's TOTALLY understanding that a little new being is about to come in and take some mommy and daddy time?  He drops little hints here and there that he gets what's going on.  The other day I was putting together our new stroller.  It has a detachable seat on the bottom so it's a double stroller for now, but we can make it a single stroller really easy when Tim doesn't need it or won't sit in it anymore.  Anyway, Tim and I were putting it together.  I kept telling him the seat on top is for baby Deacon and the lower seat is for Timmy.  He totally got it and was in LOVE with his oddly placed seat.  He literally played in the stroller for over an hour after we put it together.  Well, then he decided he was over the seat for Deacon and came up and kept telling me to "put Deacon's stuff away!"  It was so funny!  Just a little insight that his little toddler mind has an idea of what's to come.  

Tim is still in a phase where he won't let me cut his hair.  Well I told him if he let me cut it, he could pick out a new toy.  I forgot to emphasize that he had to be good while I cut it too.  He still screamed the whole time, but luckily he DID let me cut it.  So he went and got a pirate dress up set.  Luckily it works great with his halloween "King" costume from a couple years ago I made him.  So the little belt with a place for a sword and a pocket for his "gold doubloons" is perfect pirate attire too.  And yes he's in a Nebraska shirt.  And no, we really aren't fans.

Tim came to a photo shoot with me when it was just the two of us here in Nebraska.  One of my friends asked me to take pics of her son's baptism and some family pictures after.  I thought Tim was looking pretty cute that day!  We got to take the pictures at Offut Airforce base, so Tim just played on a canon statue while I took pictures at the park there.  It cracked me up because as soon as he saw the canon, he yelled "CANON!  BOOM!"  Where did he learn that?!

 Tim has been sleeping in his own room in his bed for almost a week now.  This is a HUGE accomplishment since Brock and I are awesome parents who have allowed our son to learn a great habit of sleeping with mom and dad pretty much since day 1.  Let's just say Deacon is pretty much getting an un-used crib (whenever he gets it - we're not planning on putting it up any time soon!).  Anyway, we bought Tim some glow in the dark planets and stars, and after we put them in his room, he said he wanted to sleep in there.  I definitely like to take advantage of situations where he AGREES to something I want him to do, so we immediately switched a bunch of furniture around and made it happen.  We had to take his bed out of our room, the rocking chair out of his room, and move some book cases and wall hangings in his room.  Although it's not his favorite thing sleeping in his room and he still comes and gets in bed with us around 5 am, I know it's for the best for him.  Hopefully we can put Deacon in there to keep him company as soon as he starts sleeping through the night.  I have a feeling our baby will be sleeping through the night before our toddler!

The other day, I was doing the dishes and Tim was being extra quiet.  I yelled and asked him what he was doing and he yelled back, "Coloring!"  So I kept doing the dishes.  He came in about 10 minutes later, didn't say anything, but just held up his picture he had been coloring over his face with his little fingers pinching the corners.  He wanted me to see it.  It was adorable!  I told him it was so cute and he kept saying to me "envelope! envelope!"  I asked him if he wanted to mail his picture and he said "nah" ("yes" in Tim speak).  So I got him an envelope.  I asked who he wanted to send it to and he decided to send it to Grandma Steff.  Once I put it in the envelope, he started yelling "stamp!" Smart kid.  So we put the stamp on it, he colored the envelope some more, and we took it to the mail box.  He's so cute, and I love that he's really starting to enjoy coloring and doing activities like it.

Today when we were eating dinner, Tim left the table.  We had just gotten home from church and none of us had changed into comfy clothes yet.  He came back 5 minutes later and just stood right in front of the table, put his hands on his hips, and looked at us.  He had changed his clothes into his comfy clothes all by himself!  It was so cute!  He totally knew he did something neat and wanted us to be proud of him.  Tim always is putting new clothes on, but they are ALWAYS from his dirty clothes.  So it was really cute that he actually got into his drawers and got out a clean outfit.  I won't mention how many unfolded clothes are now waiting to be refolded though....

~ 23 Weeks ~

The pregnancy is going great.  Right now I'm a little over 28 weeks and getting EXTREMELY anxious to meet our little tiger.  I literally DREAD going to bed every night.  I can't get comfortable at all and my back is definitely not holding up very well at night.  I pretty much get up at least three times every night to go to the bathroom, and I have to hold on to the side of the bed because I can't stand up straight for about 10 steps while walking.  I definitely need to hit the gym more to strengthen my back!  I've gone a few times lately, and let me just say that the shapes my belly contorts into are quite fascinating.  I also get some pretty great double takes of people looking at my belly.  It's fun - very motivational.  I always silently cheer for pregnant women when I see them at the gym, so I just imagine the double takes are people doing the same thing.  (Please don't tell me if it's not....)  I've always said that I think Heavenly Father makes the third trimester so exhausting to prepare momma's for a newborn.  Let's be honest, I'll probably be getting up at least three times a night to feed, change a diaper, swaddle, etc. the baby, so my body will already be used to getting up that often!  Plus I'm exhausted all day from not getting a good night sleep, so it really all is just in preparation.  I anxiously look forward to those nights!

When the missionaries were over for dinner a few weeks ago, I started to drain spaghetti when I felt a searing pain.  I somehow spilled the boiling water all down my belly.   After a couple not so nice words to say in front of missionaries, I made it back to my bedroom when I fully realized that I had spilled the water on the baby.  I started crying and very calmly tried to yell for Brock.  When he came back to the room, he assured me that there is no way that the heat reached the baby (glad he's learning something at school!).  I kept an icepack on it for the next 48 hours pretty much, got the ok from my doctor that everything was ok (including keeping my belly at very cold temperatures due to the icepack), and waited for the healing.  It definitely was a bad burn, and I'm happy to report that on top of the stretch marks I'm sure are coming, I now have a lovely burn scar down my stomach.  There goes my bikini incentive for losing baby weight!

I go to the doctor every two weeks now.  I'm not sure why I'm going every two weeks already.  I'm wondering if it's because Tim was three weeks early, so according to that, we'll have a baby nine weeks from now?  I can only hope that's the case!  I keep getting warned to not plan on having Deacon early too or else November is going to be miserable!  I really just can't wait til he comes, but I hope it's not before my last scheduled wedding at the end of October!