Thursday, March 14, 2013


I'm so happy for my friend Jolene.  She just had a beautiful baby girl, and I was so lucky to be able to go and take pictures for them right after she was born.  Jolene and I have had lots of fun chats about not being able to get pregnant.  (Miss M took about 3 1/2 years to finally make her appearance!)  It's so great having someone who understands the frustration of not being able to plan our family the way we want to.  And she totally understands feeling bad that our first kid doesn't have a sibling since she has an almost 5 year old.  I think it's a lot easier at least here in Omaha since we don't have members of the ward constantly asking when we are having another kid or anything.  But it's still hard to go through!  I'm so happy for Jolene and her cute family.  And I'm glad we've became friends here in Omaha!

Happy 28th Birthday, Brock

Brock celebrated his 28th birthday back in February.  His mom sent an awesome package for him (and Tim and me).  Tim was going CRAZY when we were out getting dad's birthday presents to get cake.  He's LOVED cake and birthday parties since.  One night while we were saying prayers, he was doing good repeating after me.  Then he started going off on his own prayer and it was all about cake and birthdays.  It was so funny.  Now he gets cupcakes from grocery store often.  He just loves cake so much.  He definitely gets that from his momma.  

Anyway, Brock is OLD.  Can't believe he's really pushing 30, but at least he'll done with school before then (barely).  It was a fun night at home with just the three of us to celebrate dad.  He had lots of tests and assignments due so we couldn't do more.

Playing Around the House

We're going stir crazy around here and can't wait for warm weather.  Luckily today has been warm and we went outside for a bit to try out Tim's new bike.  Here's some fun he's been having around the house  in this COLD Omaha winter.  

The other day he somehow got Tebow's collar and put it on.  I'm happy he didn't pinch his skin.  He WOULD not take it off though.  He was so mad when I finally took it off. 

And he LOVES marshmallows. :)

Big Boy Pants!

We've been having lots of fun around here with our not so little guy lately.  We've been working for a while now on potty training, and I'm happy to say we have successfully abandoned the diaper train!  It took a while though.  When we got back from Utah, we knew it was time to start potty training.  He was physically ready.  Unfortunately, he wasn't ready to wear underwear.  We tried EVERYTHING.  But the kid wouldn't budge.  One day we got him in some and he actually kept them on - thus the pictures.  That was short lived though and it still took about three more weeks to get him to wear them.  Now we are good - for the most part.  He likes to be naked at home, but we'll take what we can get!  

He's only had one accident at night which was fine.  I think it helped him learn the urge at night because the night after his accident I woke up to him getting out the bed, walking to the bathroom, pee, and walk back to bed and go back to sleep.  So cute, but definitely one of those moments when I realize he's getting so big.  He has had a few accidents during the day, but none while we are out and about.  It's mostly the typical "too busy playing to pee" accidents.  When we started we made potty charts for the whole family.  We would get really excited if we went to the bathroom and overexagerate how much fun we had putting stickers on our charts.  Tim was motivated by that for about 2 days.  Then he was done.  But it's fine.  Once we let him go naked, he pretty much trained himself!  

We're proud of our little man.  It's crazy that we have no more diapers in our house.    I joke that we are one of the only Mormon families out there that only have one kid, no diapers, and no diapers in the foreseeable future.  Oh the silver linings of infertility!