Friday, April 19, 2013

Timmy Turns 3!

Timmy had a great birthday this year!  I can't believe he's THREE!! His day started off with a balloon delivery from his Auntie Morgan and cousins.  I had also blown up like 20 balloons and filled the family room, so he was in Heaven when he woke up.  

We celebrated with our friends from Creighton with a Mario themed party.  Tim is in LOVE with Mario Kart right now, and he just freaked when he saw his cake.  It was so cute, and I'm glad we got video of it!  His favorite gift from us was probably his set of Mario figurines.  He plays with them all the time still.  It's cute to hear him call Luigi "wigi."  

He was also spoiled by his grandparents who both sent him birthday packages with lots of goodies and presents!  I think he had a pretty great day!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Easter 2013

It's a good thing Tim has grandma's because the easter bunny forgot to come to his house this year....  Tim LOVES opening presents now, so he was super excited when he got packages from both his Grandmas right before Easter.  He's definitely a spoiled little guy, but we sure are thankful.  I had a few small toys and things for his Easter basket, but since church is at 9:30 and he goes SCREAMING every week since we wake him up, I figured I would do a basket after church.  But we never got around to it. He just got his toys throughout the day, and he was fine.  Never knew what he missed :)  I definitely feel like mom of the year though!

Permanent Marker Drama

I continue to not learn to put my permanent markers away, and Tim continues to remind me how stupid that is.  He did this magical work of art right after his bath one night.  It's so stinkin cute though.  He LOVES to draw circles, and I love his creativity.  We have a whole house full of it now - the kitchen table, the toilet, and the Timmy!

Big Boy on a Bike

We went to the store a while back to get Tim a toy.  There really was nothing worth getting, but then Tim saw a bike...  I didn't think he was big enough yet, but he proved us wrong.  He sat right on one and took off peddling.  We figured out the bike he liked was a bit to big because he literally needed the seat ALL the way down, but we figured out if we put the reflector down, it would work.  He just liked the bike too much and we couldn't say no!  Grandma Melanie actually helped him get it since we had a gift card for Christmas from returning a toy he already had.  

Tim has loved his bike.  Since it's been so cold, we've had it in the house a lot.  He just loves riding it around, and I love watching him enjoy new things.  We're going to have to buy another one when we get to Utah for the summer, and we're hoping we can get the training wheels off sometime this summer too.  With grandpa and dad and all his aunties working with him, I'm sure it will work!  We just love our big boy!