Sunday, July 21, 2013

20 Weeks - Half Way There!

Baby Deacon is growing big...and so is my belly! I'm much bigger with Deacon than I was with Tim, but that's ok.  I did horrible of taking pictures of my growing self with Tim, and so I've been trying to do better with this pregnancy.  It's fun to see the changes this little miracle causes.  I've been feeling pretty good lately.  My back is starting to hurt a lot again and I'm guessing that won't be going away until after I deliver now.  I can take it if I get my baby boy!  I'm going to the doctor for my big ultrasound next week once I get back to Omaha, and I'm anxious to make sure Deacon is growing and developing the way he needs to.  Can't wait to see my little Tiger again and meet him in a few months!

Family Pictures 2013

Since we're getting ready to head back to Omaha, we got our family pictures done by Chelsea again.  I'm really happy BOTH of my boys cooperated and we got some great shots!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Tim's Three Year Photo Shoot

I promised myself three years ago that I would always do my kids' photo shoots ON their birthday.  Well, I did good for two years.  I'm about four months late on these ones, but I will say they were worth the wait!  I never would have found this cute jacket at H&M and I LOVE the way these turned out.  Lilli and I took Tim out for about 20 minutes the other night and he did awesome!  Three year olds are much easier to take pictures of than two year olds!  He was TOUGH last year, but this year he actually listened to what I asked, and we go adorable smiles by dancing for him, singing "apples & bananas," and telling the story of the Three Little Pigs.  I just love this little guy and all he means to me!  I love waking up to him each day and snuggling with him every night.  He's my world!

Weekends at Grandma & Grandpa's

Since we've been back in Utah for the summer, we go up to Logan every weekend to spend time with Brock's family.  Last Sunday was the family dinner day, and we really enjoyed having a "Thanksgiving" dinner with all the Christensens since we won't be here for Thanksgiving.  Mel didn't do turkey on purpose, but I like to think of it as a substitute for November so we won't be sad that we're away from family again.  (Not that we'll probably be sad since we'll most likely have a new baby to love on!)  

Tim figured out "rocket" on the semi-deflated air bed.  The picture is funny.  The video is hilarious!  He would say "one, two, three, BLAST OFF!" It was so funny.

Tim has been into playing with "Wiv" lately (Alivia).  It's so darn cute, and they played for a long time in Grandma's back yard the other day.  Those two are so adorable together.  Who doesn't love two red-headed cousins playing!  He's always loved playing with her since we lived in their basement, and I'm glad that he still enjoys it now.  We love Wiv!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Tim has been doing some pretty funny stuff lately.  He always has an audience between living with all his aunties and uncle or being at Grandma Mel's with all his cousins.  Although he's had a tough time with the transition of not having "his home," he's done pretty great for all the changes he's gone through with living away from Omaha this summer.  I just wanted to document some of the funny things he's said or done lately.

- Last night on our way home from the movie, he said that he needed to go potty and "clean the wheel."  Brock taught him a couple of weeks ago to pee on the tire of our car, and now he thinks he's "cleaning" it.  Well, I had juts taken him to go to the bathroom at the movie, so I really didn't think he needed to go.  I thought he just wanted to get out, so we told him to hold it.  He kept yelling and Brock and I he needed to go potty and clean the wheel, but we would just laugh and tell him he would be in trouble if he peed his pants and to wait to clean the wheel til we got back to Grandma's.  Then it got quiet.....  and he peed.  He immediately yelled that his underwear were dirty.  Then he said, "EWWW!  I pee my pants!"  A couple seconds later he follows that with "I'm in trouble!"  It was so funny.  Tim still doesn't put lots of sentences together, so it's so cute and funny when he expresses himself so well.  Luckily the clothes and the carseat are washable.  And no, he didn't get in trouble.  He tried to tell us!

-I've been making hats for Deacon so Tim climbed on the bed the other night, looked at what I was doing, and said "Hat for Baby Deacon."  It was so cute because it was the first time he talked about Deacon without being prompted.  Now whenever he sees me working on the hats, he says they are for Deacon.  Cute big brother!

-Tim likes to water his grandmas' flowers..... with his pee.  If he's playing outside and he has to go pee, he takes off his pants and pees.  It's so funny to all of a sudden see his naked bum by the flower beds.  I had to yell at him the other day though because he tried to go on Taniell and Brandon's dog since he was outside in his kennel.  Luckily I caught him in time and he made his way to the flowers instead!

-Tim has liked to be held lately and will walk over and say "holdet me, momma!"  He also likes to be cuddled at night and will grab my arm, put it around him, and say "Cuddle me!"

-Tim loves having his legs scratched at night and will grab my hands and put in on his leg so I'll scratch.  That was one of my favorite tender moments as a momma when he did that the first time!  He never liked scratches til recently, and then he finally figured out that they are relaxing.  So cute.

-Tim calls "Lucky Charms" "Happy Charms" and only eats the marshmallows out.  Anyone surprised? But seriously, I have no idea where "Happy Charms" came from.

-Tim has figured out legos and LOVES to play with them.  We find "guns" all over the house which consist of a long lego with one short one attached.  So cute.

-Tim talks about snowmen a lot - but he calls them "nose mans."  Cutest thing ever!


The beginning of May was filled with a million photo shoots, getting ready to leave for the summer to Utah, and finals.  We did manage to get in some play time though!  Tim is on his head A LOT these days.  I'm excited to put him into a gymnastics class when we get back to Omaha and see how he likes it.  He's extremely flexible and always jumping and flipping around.  The other day he got super excited about something and pretty much jumped into the splits to celebrate.  It was hilarious.  We love our little spider monkey!

March & April

March and April were pretty relaxed around our house.  Brock worked like crazy to get all his group projects and assignments done.  We are REALLY excited that he's done with his second year since it is by far the most difficult and time consuming year in the program.  Here's just a few of our happenings around the house.

Tim fell asleep watching "Wreck it Ralph" on the computer like this.  Too bad newborns don't pose themselves so perfect!  I just love my big baby!

Probably one of our last pics of Tebow.  After trying everything we could to get him to start barking, we had to find him a new home.  Barking dogs just don't work in city apartment living!  We were so sad to see him go, but he found a great forever home!

This kid really has knack for getting messy.  I guess that's just him being a kid! 

Back in March, Morgan, Ila, and Laini all came to visit.  Morgan came to help me run my Bridal Show booth since I had a wedding that day.  It was such a big help, and ended up being perfect timing since we found out we were pregnant with Deacon when she was here!  It was fun to be able to tell SOMEONE in person, since everyone else was just over the phone.  

I love that Tim and Ila got along a little better this time.  It's so fun to have family around since I tend to get homesick often, and we are grateful that Morgan and her girls have made the trip twice now.   I love family!

One of the best parts about being in Omaha is the relationship we have with the missionaries.  Of course we have favorites, and Elder Stauffer is definitely at the top of that list.  We were so sad to see him transferred, but were excited when he came to say goodbye before he left.  We've kept up with him now that he's home in Utah and had fun going to dinner with him a few weeks ago.  We love our missionaries!