Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween 2013

We went to the Huff's for Halloween dinner and Trick-or-Treating again this year. We had yummy pizza and Petite's Pastry donuts and cookies.  Oh, and ice from sonic! (which is a highlight since it's pretty much all I eat....) It's great having VG to go and know that Tim will be safe!  Brock and the rest of the dads were great this year and took the kids so the mommas could stay and pass out candy.  Although I'm sad I didn't see Tim trick-or-treating at all, I just didn't think I could make the walk around VG with how uncomfortable this pregnancy has been!  Sorry Tim - you're little brother is already stealing your thunder!  

Tim dressed up as Mike the Knight.  We bought the costume for him a few months ago as just a pretend play costume, and he was happy to wear it tonight!  Makes my life easier.  My mother definitely passed on the "whatever" attitude about Halloween to me, even though I swore I would always make a bigger deal of it for the kids.  He's to young to remember......  Plus this is the only picture we have since Momma forgot the camera.  The joys of being a photog momma.  Camera=work so I really don't enjoy bringing it along!

Tim was VERY spoiled by both grandmas for Halloween, too.  It was like we were our own shipping plant when I opened our front door to lots of packages today (some were from Amazon, too).  He got lots of fun little toys and treats and a lego man from his Auntie Lilli and Auntie Alice.  Grandma sent a Toy Story coloring book and some fun Halloween things, too!  Grandma Melanie spoiled us with more candy and treats and a fun lego set for Tim.  We had fun building playing with his new toys.  It was so funny though because even though he got all these fun new things, he stopped playing with them after a bit and continued to play with a small popping pumpkin toy that Tanner had given him tonight.  It's been his entertainment for hours.  So funny!

I also had my 36 week checkup today.  The doctor said nothing much was really going on - that I'm at a 1 and 50% effaced.  Totally fine with me since the only "check" I had with Tim I was at a 0 and not effaced and had him 5 days later!  Unfortunately, it's looking like Deacon is going to be bigger than Tim.  I quite enjoyed my "Tiny Tim" and how little he has stayed, so it will be interesting to see if we have a baby with rolls this time!  I still don't really buy into doctors being able to tell how big the baby is since I hear how off they are more than not.  I'm definitely hoping that's the case since baby Deacon has LOTS of newborn clothes that I hope he can wear!  Not to mention the 5 packs of newborn diapers.... Plus he NEVER kicks into my ribs, and Tim did all the time.  So I'll be surprised if he's much taller than Tim was.

 We tried to put up the Arm's Reach co-sleeper for Deacon today.  Unfortunately we realized that we are missing one of the main parts, and it's probably back in Utah!  I'm a little stressed now about where this baby is going to sleep, so hopefully Melanie finds the part although I'm not too optimistic.  I don't remember seeing it when I went through all the baby stuff this summer, so we'll see!  Just another item on the "to-do" list that seems to quickly be adding up instead of being shortened.  Still can't wait to meet our boy, even if he doesn't have a bed! 

Tuesday, October 29, 2013


This morning after Brock left for school, I woke up to Tim getting into bed with me.  Since I never wake up without having to go to the bathroom (I'm almost 36 weeks pregnant....), I told Tim to wait a minute to cuddle because I was going to go to the bathroom.  He immediately sat up, held both his little arms out, and waved his hands.  Then he said in the saddest little voice, "Careful!"  I looked over at him and his eyes were completely welled with tears.  I asked him what was wrong and he proceeded to tell me to "Be careful, mommy!  The monster is going to come out of the ground and he'll get you!"  He clearly was terrified, and I realized he was relaying a nightmare he had to me.  I know he's had bad dreams before, but he's never been able to vocalize them.  I told him it was ok and proceeded to tell him that there are no monsters as I got up.  He walked into the bathroom and told me the monster was going to come out of the blanket that was on the floor.  I kept assuring him it was ok, and we got back into bed to cuddle.  He practically was laying on top of me, and I could tell he just wanted to be as close to me as he possibly could to feel safe.  It was so tender to see him having this experience, but such a sweet memory too of my little boy growing up!

Vala's 2013

We had fun at our annual trip to Vala's this year.  Despite needing to use the ladies room often and being pretty uncomfortable due to pregnancy, it was another year of fun!  We met up with the Huffs and the Guderjans again this year.  Of course we got turkey legs immediately after we got in.  I LOVE turkey legs.  We got some yummy kettle corn too, but the turkey legs are still my fav! 

Tim really enjoyed jumping on the "jelly bean" this year.  He hurt his foot and was pretty much done with the day after that, but he REALLY enjoyed it.  

I love the pictures of him from the last three years in front of the "How Tall This Fall" sign.  I especially love that he is wearing the same shoes this year that he wore last year.... At least he grew quite a bit this year though! 

He was pretty brave and fed the goats again.  I'm surprised that he puts his little fingers right up to their mouths to feed them, especially since they kind of fight to get to the food.  

Another favorite this year was the big slide.  He really had fun on that again, and could have kept going  if we let him!  

The tractor pictures are so sweet to us.  Since his middle name is after his Great Grandpa Willis, it just seemed fitting to get some pictures of him on a tractor since Grandpa Willis was a farmer!

There was a little thing for the kids to jump off into hay, and for some reason Tim was freaking out about jumping off.  The kid jumps off EVERYTHING at home - on to hard wood.  I don't know why he was nervous about barely jumping off the platform into the hay!  Weird kid!

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Baby Can Come Any Day!

Yesterday was monumental - a day I've been looking forward to for pretty much the whole year!  I finished my last wedding of the season and IT FEELS SO GOOD!!  I found out that I was pregnant with Deacon on the first wedding of my season.  It started off horrible.  I went TWO HOURS in the wrong direction to my wedding that day, but I was determined not to let that stress ruin the excitement of finding out we were pregnant.  The rest of the spring weddings went great, but then the summer came....

Since we didn't know where Brock would be for his three month internship during the summer, I had booked 7 or 8 weddings here in Omaha.  Well, once we found out we would be in Utah, we decided the only option was for me to fly back.  That was miserable.  Not only did I lose most of my profits on plane tickets, but the flights and pregnancy just didn't agree.  I was SO HAPPY when I finished my last one and we headed back to Omaha last summer.  But then I still had the rest of the summer and all of my fall weddings.  Knowing that my last one was yesterday (October 26th), I just kept telling myself that I could make it to that point.  August and September weren't too bad, but by the beginning of this month, standing on my feet all day was just not conducive to a happy pregnancy!  My feet definitely hurt, but the worst was the exhaustion I felt at the end of every day.  Add that the baby dropped right onto my bladder in the last couple of weeks, and these last two weddings were intense.  I had a meltdown in the mall a couple of weeks ago when the maternity band didn't help relieve any pressure at all.  Let's just say Depends and stealing the church wheelchair were both deeply discussed and considered for my last two weddings!  (It really wasn't that bad - I haven't had an "accident" yet...)

SO - needless to say, a year of weddings is tiring, but a year of weddings while being pregnant, flying, and being weeks away from delivery is NOT ideal!  I'm so grateful that I have the ability to
take pictures to help our little family get by while Brock is in school.  But I NEVER want to experience  a wedding season like this one again!  I definitely look forward to being in Utah next year and getting my business up and going there again!

On top of just the exhaustion from the weddings, this little guy is giving me a run for my money daily.  I'm writing this more for journaling purposes, but to anyone who says "You wanted this!  Don't complain!" I'll tell you what I tell Brock.  I wanted the BABY.  Pregnancy is unfortunately the way to get him here....

The pressure he's putting on my lower stomach is intense, to the point of me pretty much not going anywhere that requires walking (grocery shopping, on walks, etc).  That's fine if he comes in the next couple of weeks, but I really hope I'm not house ridden for another month!  I also have HORRIBLE nights.  I started getting restless legs a few weeks ago.  And on top of that, a few nights I've had pretty intense insomnia.  (This is all on top of the obvious of waking up at least 3 times a night to go to the bathroom).  I was so exhausted after my wedding last night that I came home, took a bath, and got into bed much earlier than usual.  Well, 7:30 AM this morning rolls around and I was still awake!  I literally bawled two separate times last night from being so exhausted and not being able to sleep.  I'm very much looking forward to some tylenol PM tonight and a good nights' rest!  Weight wise I'm around where I was when I delivered Tim, but I haven't gained any weight this week so I think I'm probably starting to even out.  I'm not too obsessed over it.  I'm just glad I had lost 15 pounds before I got pregnant! My back is surprisingly not hurting.  That's what I was really worried about when I got pregnant again since it was pretty intense with Tim, but so far so good with this guy!  

I seriously can't wait to meet our little Deacon.  That's probably where the insomnia is coming from - the excitement I have and all the thoughts racing through my mind of what we still need to do to prepare our home for him, and just all the thoughts of how our lives are going to change in the next few weeks.  Life sure is great right now despite the physical challenges, and I'm anxiously excited for how great of a change is coming to our little family soon!

A Whole New Kid

So a while back I wrote about how much Tim HATES to get his hair cut.  Well, thanks to Team Umizoomi and their hair cutting episode, Tim now ASKS to get his hair cut..... often!  I finally bribed him with a hair cut tonight, but he had to clean up all his toys first.  He hates cleaning his toys.  Most of the time he just tells us to throw them away instead of him cleaning them up.  But tonight he went around like a mad man cleaning all his toys.  He was so proud of himself and waited very patiently for me to cut daddy's hair first.  When it was his turn, he very easily put on his art smock (it's plastic and essentially like a hair cutting smock), got up on the stool, and proclaimed it was time for his "Umi haircut!"  He sat like a champ the whole time, and was so positive about it!  He didn't even make a peep when I cut his ear.... oops!  Since I'm still new to the whole hair cutting thing, it takes me a while, but he did great!  Best one ever!

After we were done, I went to put him in the shower with Brock to get him all washed off.  He told me he wanted to see his hair cut in the mirror first.  He looked at it and proudly proclaimed that it is "SUPER PERFECT!"  Too funny!  He's so animated in what he says now!  I'm so proud of him for being brave and having confidence to try new things.  He truly is turning into my little boy and becoming not as much toddler.  I'm glad this transition is literally happening weeks before our new son joins our family, but it's still bitter sweet to see my cute little guy growing up.  He's going to be a great big brother, and I can't wait to see him in his new role!

Another funny thing he did tonight was his awesomely timed humor.  Brock had his stake temple recommend interview today.  When he got home, I was sleeping.  He woke me up by saying that he failed his interview.  I ignored him and went back to sleep.  Well I was sitting here tonight and asked jokingly if he really failed his "stake temple recommend test."  (I knew he was joking earlier).  Tim stopped what he was doing, looked at us, and said, "AWKWARD..."  SO FUNNY!  (If you don't get it, don't worry.  Just some Mormon humor.)  We both asked him where he even heard that word, but he didn't tell us.  Our nephew was in a phase of saying it this summer, but I highly doubt Tim held on to such a random word for that long.  It was hilarious!