Sunday, November 24, 2013

Maternity Pictures ~ Deacon

A couple of weeks ago, we went out for Brock to take some maternity pictures of me.  I knew I wanted a couple with Tim, but I didn't realize those would be my favorites!  Going through this pregnancy and thinking not just about how my life is going to change with this little boy, but how much Tim's life is going to change has been such an emotional experience.  The other day I said to him (after he said he didn't want Deacon to come out), "Tim, you two chose each other!"  And then it really hit me, that these two REALLY did choose to be brothers a long time ago and how I want to raise them and to remember that.  I'm so excited to see Tim fulfill this new role of his, especially since he was told in his baby blessing to lead his younger siblings with kindness.  And I know he will.  He doesn't seem to be wanting to share the spotlight right now with lots of comments like, "I don't want baby Deacon to come out" and "Baby Deacon stay in there!" But I truly think he is going to be an amazing brother.  I love my little boy who soon is going to look very big!  

We also took a couple of photos of my bare belly today.  This pregnancy has definitely put me a lot more into the "mom" club.  I've gotten WAY more stretch marks and I have two different burn scars from cooking accidents where water/broth splashed onto my belly.  Oh the stories I'll be able to tell this little guy!  But I definitely feel like I've earned my "stripes" or "claw marks" and I always want to remember the miracle of being pregnant I was able to experience again! 

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Overdue Phone Dump

This is why I HATE cell phone pictures.  I never get around to getting them off the phone!  I always cringe when I see people using their phones to take pictures during big moments - baby births, weddings, etc.  Seriously?!  Don't people want good pictures?!  Here's some from July - now.

Gateway in SLC - we had to go buy a new outfit after this!

Just a cute Timmy picture

Beautiful Cache Valley

With Auntie Alice

Met up with daddy on his lunch break from his fieldwork in SLC for a taste of Firehouse subs

Using my mother's day gift and getting a pedicure in Farmington

Pineview reservoir with the Frampton crew

The ticket my mom and I got on our way back to Omaha - we didn't have the insurance stickers on because Brock had lied and told me that he did it even though he didn't.  "Son in law/husband needs to fulfill spousal duties.  Please place stickers on plates." HA

Nice hiding spot, Timmy

Gramma loves me!

Because playing legos in mom and dad's bed is a great idea....ouch

Mommy and Timmy date while daddy is still in Utah

Another mommy and Timmy date while dad is away.  Tim LOVES "noonles" - one of the only things he will ALWAYS eat

Juice box addict

Trying out Deacon's cradle

Playing super-heros 

Testing out a photo prop I bought for Deacon's newborn shoot

Pictures to send to Grandpa Chris to make him jealous that we are at Busch Stadium!

Visiting Liberty Jail on our way back from St. Louis

Baby shower in a box from Lindsey!  She's so sweet!

Tim just looked too cute for church.  We had to get a picture!

Tim and momma put together the new double stroller.  He loves his new seat. 

He played in the stroller for about two hours before finally falling asleep.

Mom won the 100 ticket prize!  

Making Grandpa Chris proud by doing a little hunting

Tim and his foam "wings"

Bendable baby!

We put his bed in his room and he did ok for a bit.  It's back in our room now....

"Helping" dad study.

Doing some coloring while Geo looks on.

Getting good at coloring in the lines!

"Look mom!" And I turn and find this.  Silly kid.

Teaching Tim to use his new fins out of the pool.

Momma's birthday present - a new to us treadmill.  Unfortunately Deacon doesn't approve of my moving so I haven't been able to utilize it yet.  The plan is to train for a half marathon this winter, so it should be getting some good use!

Tim's "Belly Screen" like Bot from Team Umizoomi

The bowling alley uses a plastic slide for kids to push the ball down.  I'm surprised it took Tim almost a full game before he finally hopped up really quick and slid down it, right into the greasy bowling lane.

Father/son bonding time

He thought the cheese was super funny

Just a dude chilling in his underwear watchin TV