Friday, January 31, 2014

Our Boys

Brock and I were talking yesterday about how this time TRULY is one of the happiest times we will ever have in our lives.  I think that the years we have children in our home will be the highlight of our lives. I like this stage we are in right now a lot!  Tim isn't in school so he's not bringing home "worldly" problems.  He's just him.  Happy, full of joy, and innocent.  I think once he starts school, we will have a lot more to deal with.  But right now, I am absolutely enjoying holding one little babe while watching my other one explore at the museum.  Or going out to eat and setting Deacon down and watching Tim take in his surroundings (and his Noodles & Co mac and cheese).  I see people looking at us almost everywhere we go.  And I love it.  I love the look that older couples give us because I can see them reminiscing when they were at the same point in their lives.  I love the mom and teenage daughter that we sat by at the frozen yogurt place who sweetly smiled as we grabbed Tim from grabbing gummy bears on his own while feeding Deacon a bottle at the same time.  This is our life right now, and it's beautiful! And I'm grateful for these strangers reminding me of that!

Brock let Tim crack a bunch of eggs the other day.  I was really annoyed at first at the mess that would surely be made, but Tim really impressed me!  He only cracked one egg directly on to the table, but the rest he got into the bowl with barely any shells!  It truly was a lesson learned for me.  Ignore the messes and spills.  Letting our children experiment will show us that they can surpass all our expectations and achieve great things!

{Deacon} Two Months

Little guy hit two months the other day.  It's crazy how much faster time goes when the baby is OUT of the belly!  He's getting so big already and is growing way faster than I thought he would.  I always assumed we would have little kids.  Tim was little, grew slow, and has stayed little.  I think Deacon is going to be our "big boy."  He weight almost three pounds more than Tim did at the same age and is already fitting snug into some of his 0-3 month clothes.

Deacon isn't a volume eater, even though he's growing fast.  I never feed him too much because he just throws it up if I do.  I'd rather feed him a little more often and have him keep it down.  He's a pretty consistent pooper if being on a four day schedule is normal! He won't poop for days, but when he does, it's a MESS!  Hopefully that gets figured out soon!

Deacon is a pretty happy baby.  It's really easy to get him to smile and "talk" to us if we put our face about 18 inches away from his face.  It must be his "sweet spot" for vision.  He'll go nuts with smiles for us every time.  I love it!

He's a decent sleeper. Not bad, not great.  We bought a swing a couple weeks ago and that has been a LIFE SAVER!  He wouldn't really sleep during the day unless I was holding him.  Even if he did fall asleep, he would only take cat naps for 10-15 minutes.  I knew that was not enough, but I couldn't get anything done holding him all day.  So I looked up swings for colicky babies, bought the recommended one, and life is amazing.  He takes three LONG naps during the day in his swing.  He sleeps in a co-sleeper at night, but usually I bring him into bed to nurse and he never makes it back to his co-sleeper (something I swore I wouldn't do).  I usually fall asleep nursing him since he's mastered the laying down nursing.  He usually is awake for the morning between 6:30-7:30, but he's really happy in the morning to just lay in bed in jabber.  That's good because I'm not getting up that early!  He's definitely got us all on a better schedule.  Deacon, Tim, and I are all usually up and going no later than 9:30 now.  It was around 11 before Deacon for me and Tim, so this is much more productive!  Thanks little bud!

It has been quite the transition going to two kids.  It was HARD at first.  Not as much physically as emotionally.  We've had Tim all alone for almost four years, and it was hard to all of a sudden need to give almost ALL of my mommy attention to Deacon and leave Tim out.  I felt my relationship with him not just slipping, but free falling.  It was devastating to me.  But things have gotten better.  Tim is more interested in making Deacon happy.  Deacon is easier to sit with now while simultaneously doing something with Tim.  I can take care of both boys AND get some play time in, too.  I love my boys so much.

I didn't post Deacon's two weeks stats in a different post, but here's both his two week stats and two month stats so I can remember his growth! I didn't realize how big his head was until I typed these in! Not bad, little guy.  Especially since he has really decent head control already!  He's just our average baby in height and weight though.  Much different from Timmy who was usually around 4% for weight and 10% for height.

Height: 20.5 inches (no change from birth) 48%
Weight: 8 pounds 3 ounces (3 ounce gain) 48%
Head circumference: 14.17 inches 56%

Height: 23 inches 48%
Weight: 12 pounds 4 ounces 49%
Head circumference: 15.94 inches 87%

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Deacon's Blessing

Although Deacon's blessing didn't go as originally planned, it was a beautiful day.  We blessed Deacon in the Cliffside 2nd Ward in Logan, Utah.  

Deacon was given a beautiful blessing by his dad.  Uncle Benji, Uncle Cody, Cousin Nate, Grandpa chris, Great-Grandpa Evan, and the Cliffside 2nd Ward Bishopric were all in the Priesthood circle.


Deacon, you were brought to this earth during a time of trials and tribulations.  Remember that you are a son of Heavenly Father.  Remember your purpose here on earth.  Discover the power of prayer early and have faith.  Heavenly Father wants you to succeed.  You are blessed to be able to discern good and evil.  Your are blessed to be an example to others by doing righteous things.  You are a leader.  Do not be afraid to serve those in need.  Be kind.  You have family both in Heaven and on earth watching over you.  Be an example to your siblings.  Watch over those who need it.  Heavenly Father provided a path and gospel.  Study and learn it.  It is your way back home.  Remember to accomplish Heavenly Father's goals before your own.  You have brought your family joy and happiness that you have chosen to come to earth.

I'm so grateful for the gospel of Jesus Christ in our lives.  I love that my children are not here just to enjoy earth life, but that Heavenly Father has given them a purpose and a mission here.  The spirits they bring in to our home are not just spirits of joy.  They teach me every day.  With both of my boys, I have felt in their spirits, especially during their very tiny, young, earthly age, that they are wise beyond my comprehension.  I know they are special.  I know that Heavenly Father truly has saved his much righteous warriors to be on the earth at this time.  I just hope that as their mother, I can teach them to fulfill their mission and their purpose.  I love the part in Deacon's blessing, "Remember to accomplish Heavenly Father's goals before your own."  What a way to live.  I know that if I can teach my sons to do this by showing them that I can do it, that we truly will be an eternal family.  I love my sons so much!     

We had a great day after the blessing.  Melanie made a wonderful dinner and we were able to meet brand new little baby Karter.  It's amazing how much a five week difference in age makes in their size at this stage!  We're so excited for Deacon to have Karter AND the new baby boy Christensen cousin that will be joining these two in June.  And we love all our other cousins too!

Friday, January 24, 2014

Christmas Baby

Grandma Mommy gave me her vintage doll pram.  I'm in love with it for pictures and can't wait to set up a studio one day and use it!  Until then, I had fun taking pictures of our little Deacon in it.  He loved it so much he took a nap after our little shoot in it!

New Years Eve

We had LOTS of fun on New Years Eve.  My parents rented out a gymnastics gym, and we just totally enjoyed all of it.  I was surprised how much I couldn't do, even though it had been over four weeks since having Deacon.  We REALLY loved having Scott come and join us.  He served his mission here in Omaha and he's definitely one of our favorites.  We may have had alterior motives in having them there, too (.... single sisters....).  

Before the gym we all went and saw Frozen.  Cutest movie.  We've been singing the soundtrack since. Tim is so cute and sings some of the parts along. It's so fun watching him grow up!

Happy Birthday Grandpa and Emmaline!

While the family was at the Frampton extended family party (there were sick kids so we didn't dare go), we decorated for a party for Chris and Emmaline.  We wrapped Emmaline's cell phone and had it go off while we were singing Happy Birthday.  It was quite a fun party.  Tim really enjoyed Emmaline's drum set she got.  We got her a fun coloring book of sneaker styles. Grandpa got a book :)

Christmas Day 2013

Christmas Day was another one for the books.  Every year gets more exciting to see Tim's reaction to the day.  Santa did a little better this year at not completely spoiling Tim, but he could still use some work!  Tim did his usual Christmas morning "cry."  I think he gets really confused and we are all so excited.  Once he got over that, he was super excited to open his presents.  So excited that he barely looked at what was inside of the present before stacking it in his row and going on to the next present.  It was so cute!  We all really liked watching him stack his presents in a row.  He's a little OCD.  

Deacon really liked being wrapped in the scarf Grandma Mommy gave me for Christmas.  It was fun having a tiny baby over Christmas.  Timmy got him a pillow light pet, and it was his favorite gift :)  

We also had a great time skyping Elder Frampton.  He is definitely a changed kid, and it's so fun to see and hear it in him.  The ENTIRE Frampton family was over, so it was a bit hectic, but it was fun nonetheless.  We did get a picture of Johnny and Deacon.  Hopefully they will grow up and have fun together!

Evan sent the best gift of the day.  He sent an envelope of Alice and Lilli with "Puerto Rican" money.  We were all excited to see it.  They opened it up and pulled out their dollar bills.  DUH.  Puerto Rico uses US money. haha  We all felt stupid.

The German's sent the cutest hats for the grandkids.  We love them!

Christmas Eve

As always, we had lots of fun at Grandma Mel's Christmas Eve family party.  Timmy showed off his "kicking" skills during the talent show by playing a kinnect ("niki") kicking game.  Our family is getting so big, and we are still growing.  I love getting together with everyone!

 After Grandma's Mel's party, we headed down to Centerville for the rest of the winter break.  I had grand plans of making cookies, reading Christmas books... lots of fun stuff.  We opened pajamas and barely got to that.  Next year maybe...