Friday, April 11, 2014

Deacon and Me in NYC

Deacon and I went to NYC to visit Marlene, David, and baby Alice.  I've always wanted to visit New York, and since Marlene will only be there a while, I decided to take advantage of being able to go and stay with a friend who knows their way around the city too!  AND I may have wanted to get to hang out with little Alice Christmas.  We had a big adventure in the city for sure!

On our way out, we got stuck at the gate in Denver for over three hours!  That was a little rough, but Deacon took THREE naps during our time at the gate.  I was worried he would run out of "good baby," but he was great once we got going.  

The taxi to Marlene's was great.  We went across the Triborough Bridge and I could see part of the city night scape.  It was beautiful. I literally teared up looking at it.  It was a completely different feeling than I thought I would have, but the amazement of such a big city was just breath taking.  Definitely one of my favorite moments there!  I also got to experience drug dealers on the corners on that short taxi ride from LaGuardia.  A guy was selling to a car in front of us.  He then approached the taxi and the driver just shook his head at the guy.  It was funny.  Shortly after, we got to Marlene's beautiful apartment!  It was so nice to relax after a much longer than anticipated day of traveling!  We ordered in a great hamburger and fries from down the street.  

The next morning we took a minute to get ready.  Deacon and Alice quickly became aquatinted and enjoyed each others company during our stay.  It was so cute to see Alice being so intrigued by this baby.  She would randomly give him kisses, too.  So adorable!  I had found a shirt for her that said "I'm kind of a big deal."  So perfect since that was Marlene's motto for our Young Women here in Omaha!

After hanging out at the apartment and getting ready, we headed out to the big city.  It was a beautiful day!  First we headed to the 9/11 Memorial site.  It was truly breath taking and definitely had a spiritual impact.  I truly had such a feeling of hope being there with my beautiful son.  To me, he represents the hope of our future.  So cliche, I know.  But being in a place like that, you can't help but have that hope of our children being the change and the defenders of our great nation and our great freedoms.  

Flowers are placed on the names on the memorial on the victims' birthdays. 

After the memorial, we headed over to Wall Street.  This building is where George Washington was inaugurated.  We didn't go in, but still a cool place.

Here's a view of Wall Street and the New York Stock Exchange Building

After Wall Street, we had an adventure.  Instead of turning right at the end of a street to get to Battery Park and see the Statue of Liberty, we went left.  And then we kept on going.  We made it underneath the Brooklyn Bridge though by walking this big long path, and I actually really enjoyed seeing it from that view point.  It was a long walk, but it definitely helped me justify the cup of Max Brenner's hot chocolate we had shortly after!   

After Max Brenner's, we went to Shake Shack by the Flatiron Building.  Shake Shack was super yummy, and it was really fun sitting in the park eating it with a view of the Empire State Building.  It was some great people watching too.  We also took some family pictures for Marlene that turned out super cute.  After that, we headed over to Times Square to see that.  ANNNDD, maybe we wanted a black and white cookie from Juniors.  It was super yummy!  It was a really long day, but oh so fun!! That was definitely the best day in NYC.

The next day was really rainy and cold.  But we still ventured out.  Deacon was awesome, and did great in his stroller all day for the second day in a row.

We checked out Central Park after visiting the MET.  This view is from the Bow Bridge.  I may or may not have sang all the songs from Enchanted while walking through Central Park.  After the park, we checked out the east side where all the rich people live.  It was definitely funny how different it is over in that part.  We met David for grilled cheeses from The Melt.  It was great to get out of the rain more than anything!  After a pretty long walk due to Subway stops being closed, we headed back to the apartment for a more relaxed night.  We ordered chicken and waffles because I've always wanted to try it.  And I was starving!  All that walking made me extra hungry for sure!  The chicken and waffles definitely didn't disappoint. 

Our last day there, we got up to go walk the Brooklyn Bridge and go get pizza at Juliana's.  The bridge was really neat, one of my favorite things I did in the city.  It was magnificent and beautiful, and the view of he skyline was so breath taking in every direction.  I turned around at one point and had completely missed an entire skyline that was on the other side of the bridge.  It was my favorite view!  The city is so big, and I could really see a big portion of it from the bridge.  It was amazing.

I love that you can see the Statue of Liberty in this one!

Juliana's pizza was really yummy.  The ingredients are all fresh and homemade, and it's made in a fire oven.  The canoli, yeah, that was to die for too.  Made me a little sick though since it was so rich! 

I had such a great time visiting the city.  There were a lot of limitations being with a baby though.  Deacon's stroller is REALLY heavy, so I practically wanted to cry every time I had to carry it up the stairs.  I have bruises on my legs from where it rested on them when I carried it up.  I did love having a bigger stroller though in the city.  It made me feel safe with him.  

I definitely want to go back to the city with Brock.  The whole time, I just kept thinking that I would enjoy being there with him.  I can't wait to go with him someday.  I'm thinking it's going to have to be sooner than later now!

Computer Geeks

Every once in a while, these two act like brothers.  This was one of those moments.  Tim loved showing Deacon how to use his lap top.  Proud momma moment.  I just love Deacon's little chubby fingers too.  He's truly becoming quite the butter ball!