Sunday, July 20, 2014

Christensen Family

I was so happy that Brock's siblings were all willing to get a family picture done on baby Chase's blessing day.  We actually all got together, minus Tiffany.  Beggers can't be choosers though, so I'll take what I can get!  Plus all the grandkids were together, so that's definitely up to date at least.  There are no pregnant women as of right now and no babies or marriages on the horizon, so hopefully this one will last a little while.  We needed it desperately.  The last family picture we have is at Disneyland before I was even pregnant with Tim!

Since we were over at Cody and Holly's, I wanted to get a picture of Deacon on the train tracks out back.  I have one of Tim on them from when we lived there when he was around the same age as Deacon.  I love my little blue eyed boy, even when he gives me heart attacks by putting rocks in his mouth while I'm trying to take pictures!  Clearly Brock was tied up doing something important and he couldn't help.  Napping is important, right?!

I'm in LOVE of the picture of Mel with the three boys.  These boys are hopefully going to be the best of friends, and their grandma is definitely someone who loves them all.  What's not to love about three sleeping babies!

Hangin Around

Deacon is finally getting big enough to start baby playing with toys.  This kid is an EXPLORER!  He doesn't sit still and always has to be touching new things.  He does chill to watch a little TV sometimes, too.  Tim loved this play table when he was little, and it's held up great for his little squish brother to use, too!  Deacon loves the big toys at Grandma Mel's house too.  These Fisher Price toys are perfect for him - the pieces are all big so it's not a big deal with his big brother leaves them around.  Win win for mom!

Ducks in a Row

Deacon loves baths in the sink - especially at Grandma's house.  Grandma Steff is way nicer than mom when it comes to letting babies make splashing messes.  And who doesn't love a little cottage cheese baby bum?!

Deacon's 6 Month Check

I love that we have Dr. Brown back for the boys now that we're in Utah.  I took Deacon in for his six month appointment (at closer to 7 months).  Our big boy isn't as big as I thought or as he looks.  He weighed 16.8 pounds (35th%).  I don't remember his height, but he's in the 30ish% for height too.  However, his head is in the 85th%.  Big brained boy.

He did great at his checkup.  He only cried for about 3 seconds after his shots and then was super cuddly.  Breaks my heart every time though.   


It is no secret that one of the best parts of being back in Utah is having the boys' cousins around!  We LOVE that Deacon has two boy cousins close to his age.  It's going to be Deacon, Karter, and Chase on the Christensen T-Ball team one day :)  It was really fun getting all three of them together for their first picture together.  I'm sure there are going to be LOTS of pictures of these three to come!

Deacon in the very beginning of learning to crawl.

Goodbye, Omaha!

Before leaving Omaha, we took one last trip to the park across the street.  I love these pics of my big boy!  We came to Omaha when Tim was 15 months old.  We left when he was 4.  It will always be such a big part of his childhood that he probably will only remember flashes of.  But my baby grew up in Omaha.  I'll always remember that!

Happy 4th Birthday, Tim!

I loved Tim's cake this year.  He loves Wyld Style from the Lego Movie, so he picked out all his own things to make his cake.  We bought a lego set that had a Wyld Style figurine in it, built it (which is what Robert is doing in the background since I couldn't figure it out), and let Tim go at decorating.  It's definitely going to be a new tradition for us.  He LOVED making his own cake.  It's so much more fun in my opinion than having a perfect Pinterest party that's more for the mom then for the kid.   I am trying my best to keep that in mind from now on!

We had lots of friends over for his birthday.  Tanner and his family came, and Talia, Robert, and Talia's mom surprised us when they showed up with Scott.  Scott was there staying with us for a few days, and we were happy to have him there to celebrate too.

I cried that day while I watched Tim make his cake.  He truly is my little boy not - not my toddler anymore.  He is much more independent and has his own ideas.  He also is EXTREMELY stubborn.  But his last name is Christensen so we're not too surprised about that.

Tim had his 4 year check up at the same time as Deacon's 4 month check up.  He is 29 pounds (STILL! 2 years later and no weight gain).  He's in about the 8% for weight.  I can't remember his exact height, but he's still on his curve.  He's in the 10% for height.  Poor kid needs to grow!