Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Too Much Growing!

The other day was a big day for little Deacon.  He's wanting to be more interactive with us, so I bought him a doorway jumper so he could be sitting up instead of laying in the swing or bouncer.  He liked it pretty well.  Plus it's great for his muscle development!  It was so fun to watch him fixate on the face of the toys and move his little arm to try and touch it.  He still has a lot of involuntary movements in his arms and legs, but he's definitely gaining more control each day.  

After we played in the jumper, Tim told me he wanted to go to the Children's Museum.  So we went there.  I put Deacon in one of the infant seats in the middle of a table and put some toys in front of him.  He once again tried to move his hands and touch the toys.  I put them close enough for his hand to rest on them and he really like it.  Tim decided he wanted to sit in the chair too.  That was fun - until he got REALLY stuck and I had a little freak out moment while he screamed.  Hopefully he learned his lesson that he's too little for the baby chairs!

Later that night while Brock was changing Deacon, I noticed how fat our little guy is!  It's amazing how much bigger he is in every way than Tim was.  I pulled out some of Tim's old clothes today for Deacon and put a shirt on him that Tim wore when he was six months.  Deacon isn't even three months yet!  I definitely think he'll catch up to his not so big big brother!

And oh, the faces this baby makes!

Brock's 29th!

So I totally suck and didn't do anything for Brock for his birthday this year.  We just went out to Chilli's as a family and walked around the mall for a bit.  Brock doesn't like spending money on himself, so even though he needed some new shoes, he didn't want to buy any at the mall.  Well, after about a week of feeling like crap, I decided I should just put together a small birthday for him.  That combined with the fact that we were trying to explain to Tim that his birthday is the next birthday in our family, but he kept yelling at us that daddy's was next.  I figured that he didn't realize we had Brock's birthday already since we never sang Happy Birthday!  So last Saturday I lied to Brock and told him I had to take the Young Women to volleyball at the stake center.  I really just went birthday shopping for him and picked up a cake.  After church Sunday, I had him put our leftovers away and got everything out really quick so we could surprise him.  It was fun, and I'm glad we did it.  I got him some new running shoes, cleats, batting gloves, a lacrosse ball for stretching, and some Creighton sweats.  Tim loved singing to him and helping him blow out the candle.  I can't believe next year he's going to be 30!  We are getting old!


These two are definitely starting to spend a little more time together.  If I need to get things done, I like to put Deacon down by Tim so he has a little entertainment.  Tim is an awesome helper too.  He yells at me when Deacon is crying.  It's usually something along the lines of "Her is crying, mom! Her needs her binki!"  We're working on that....  He's also a great at giving him his binki when he's crying.  My heart just melts though when I put Deacon down somewhere, like on the chair, and I come back in to find Tim sitting by him.  I love that Tim is warming up a lot more to Deacon and wanting to be more interactive with him.  Momma's dreams come true for sure!

I tried to get a good picture of the two of them after church the other day.  Yikes. We'll have to try again another day.  It really is hard to get two kids to look in the same direction!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day from these two handsome heart breakers!

Monday, February 10, 2014

Red-Headed Stand Off

Oh, dear Tim.  How your redheaded stubbornness shines through sometimes.  Like last night - last night you and I had a standoff  that lasted over six hours.  Over what you ask?


My little sweet, dear boy.  You NEED food to survive.  Yes, you can live off of applesauce and ovaltine milk alone.  But little one, that's just not the way we are going to do it around here anymore. So you can sit at the table until you take ONE BITE.  Or you can go to bed early, by yourself, laying on the ground in your room with just a blanket and pillow after three hours of sitting at the table.  You choose bed? So be it.  Sleep there for three hours more.  SIX HOURS now of both our lives consumed over ONE bite of carrot.

11:57 pm - Timmy, you're awake? Don't cry.  What's wrong? You're hungry?  Ok, I'll make you a peanut butter and honey sandwich and feed it to you in bed. 

I think we know who won.