Saturday, March 29, 2014

Memorial Park

Since it's been a horribly cold early spring here in Omaha, we definitely take advantage on the nice days!  We headed to Memorial Park again the other day.   Deacon had his first swing experience.  He  didn't love it or hate it.  I remember Tim's first time and he loved it, so I was a little surprised Deacon wasn't a huge fan.  He was and always is a huge fan of giving him any attention whatsoever.  This kid is so easy to make smile.  I hope he always stays like that! 

Lately when Deacon is in his stroller, he'll rest his little hand on the handle in front of him.  It's so grown up looking - it kills me!  He's getting so big!

Omaha Children's Museum

We've loved going the OCM while we've lived here.  I wanted to take my camera last time and get some good pictures so we could compare Tim's growth since being here.  This is from one of the first times we took Tim when we moved here.  I seriously can't believe we truly moved to Omaha with a BABY, and now we are leaving soon with a little boy and another baby! 

Tim always loves playing in the ball room and on the animal slides at the museum.  This trip he really loved playing the UPS guy.  He took boxes in and out of the truck and put them on the conveyer belt for another little boy to move around for about 30 minutes.  It was cute.  I loved watching his little routine. 

We're so excited our museum pass will be good for Discovery Gateway in Utah when we move back in May.  We've heard it's an awesome museum, and it will be fun to do new things with Tim and Deacon.

Sunday, March 9, 2014


I'll never regret giving this kid attention if this is the face I get in return!

Big Brother

Tim has been so dang cute lately.  Over the last week or two, he's really started experimenting with his big brother role.  He likes playing with Deacon now and making him smile.  And he's still making my heart smile when I find him cuddled up all on his own next to Deacon.  He's generally very gentle with him and just a sweat big brother.  We'll see how that plays out in the next six months when Deacon is mobile!

The other day I put Deacon down for a nap in the pack and play in the boys' playroom.  Deacon still sleeps in our room in his arms reach, so the pack and play is still kind of a novelty.  Well, I kept hearing Tim but I thought he was playing in my room.  I yelled for him to not wake up his brother, and he said "Ok!"  Well, a few minutes later, I hear Deacon's little happy chatter.  I walked in to their room to see Tim sitting in the pack and play just playing with Deacon.  He had been there the whole time.  Deacon still isn't a great napper so I probably should have been a little upset that Tim woke him up, but it was the sweetest thing ever to see Tim playing in there with him.  He just wanted to play with his little brother!  So heart warming.

Tim spends a lot of time playing Xbox.  It's pathetic.  But when it's 7 degrees outside... whatever.  I just had to get a picture of his little fingers on the controller.  It's cute in person in a nerdy way.  But now that it's getting warmer outside, I think the xbox needs to go!

Deacon has rediscovered his hands lately.  They are ALWAYS in his mouth.  I don't think he's teething yet, but he really loves to slobber everywhere.  I got him a teether, and it's cute to see him grasp it and try to get it in his mouth.  I think it may be a little dangerous right now though.  He's poked himself in the eye a few times!

Three Months!

Three months!  This time seriously is going by WAY TOO FAST.  But really, why does it go by so much faster when the baby isn't IN the belly any more.  It doesn't help that this little chunk just keeps getting bigger and growing out of diapers/clothes at an insanely faster rate than his older brother!

Deacon didn't have a three month check up, but I did have to take him to the doctor the other day to make sure his cold hadn't turned into ear infections.  His ears were all clear, so that made me happy.  But the poor little guy was so congested for days.  He had the hardest time breathing through the mucous every morning that he would kinda gag through breathing for 20 or so minutes before he would finally throw up.  Luckily that helped clear it out every morning because I didn't know what to do for him!  He's doing much better now though.  I'm so happy to have the first real sickness behind us!  He weighed a whopping 14 pounds at his appointment though.  He's got rolls to prove it!

Deacon is a very smiley baby now when we give him attention.  He definitely does not like to be left alone.  I can usually get about 30 minutes in the morning of him laying down and "talking" to himself.  But after that, he's fussy if he's not being interacted with.  I really think he may be sensitive to dairy.  I should really stop eating it.... but that's easier said than done.  

Just this last week he's started to recognize when someone else is holding him.  He is definitely turning into a momma/poppa boy.  My friends at my Young Women's meeting both tried to hold him today and he got the BIGGEST pout face and the tears just started rolling.  It happened three or four times.  So sad! And funny! And slightly scary since we're going to be around a lot of family here soon!

He has great head control and likes to sit up.  He loves for us to play with his arms.  He'll giggle and laugh when we tickle him.  And he even smiles at my singing sometimes, too! We sing a lot of songs around the house.  Pretty much everything is a song around here, however slightly cheesy that may be.  I entertain myself and my kids play along I guess!