Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Welcome Home Elder Frampton!

We had a great time at the airport being together as a family to welcome home Elder Frampton! Two years sure flew by fast.  I'm so glad the boys have such a great example in their Uncle, and that we could be there to see him home. We're so grateful for him!

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Fall Soccer

Brock and I were SO EXCITED to finally be able to put Tim into organized sports.  We started with soccer.  We bought him all the cool gear, practiced lots before our first practice, and were all really excited for the season to start.  I even signed up to coach and couldn't wait for my kid to be the star.  And then the season started.....

We're realizing really quick that Tim doesn't have the same amount of aggression as lots of other little guys his age.  It doesn't help that he's definitely the smallest on the team by a long shot.  It's been really eye opening to see him among his peers and realize that he really is our Tiny Tim!  I think our biggest downfall this season is actually that I'm his coach.  From the first game, he's just wanted to stand by me since I'm on the field with the boys the whole time.  It gets worse and worse every week.  He doesn't even go for the ball at all any more.  He just wants to hold my hand the whole time.  It's hard as the coach to keep him on the field if I have a kid taking a break who actually wants to play.  We have great parents though who are really encouraging.  I'm trying to not to push him, but I don't want to stand for crying either.  Lesson learned!  We'll be putting him in gymnastics as soon as we get settled somewhere after Brock graduates.  He's much happier hanging from the goals and doing cartwheels in the field than actually playing.  At least he looks adorable doing it!

Every Party Needs Some Trolls

Princess Ila had a really cute Frozen birthday party this year.  Of course it was dress up.  And as much as I would have loved from Tim to be Kristoff and Deacon to be Sven, I couldn't justify spending $80 on the only Kristoff costume I could find.  So instead we made $10 troll costumes, and I have to say these are the cutest little trolls I ever did see!  The boys had fun meeting Elsa and Anna (again!).  I definitely think Olaf stole the show though.  That's who Tim keeps talking about.  

Tim's 1st Day of Pre-school and His Open House

I thought I would be saying that I can't believe I'm writing this post, but the reality is, it seems like we've been waiting for this day for quite some time!  Since Tim didn't do any kind of 3 year old pre-school and EVERY ONE of his friends did, it feels like he should have been in school a long time ago.  He was ready to go, and I was ready to have him experience something new just for him.  And he's doing amazing!

Tim is going to a pre-school at Ms. Karla's home.  We were lucky to get him in with Alivia's class so he could have one familiar face in his class.  We had a little open house the week before class started.  It was so cute.  He was in awe of how many toys Ms. Karla has.  Mom got to fill out paper work while he played.  Ms. Karla also went over the morning routine with Tim.  After mom let's him out of the car, he goes down the stairs.  Then he rings the doorbell, and goes inside.  He finds his name on his apple and puts it in the basket.  Then he hangs up his backpack and plays with his friends!  We went over this the entire week before his class started and it really paid off!  He totally knew what to do on his first day and was excited to do it.  

Of course we took some pictures on his open house day and his official first day.  On his first day, he said he wanted pictures of him jumping.  He was obviously really excited!  

I drove him to school the first day.  I walked him in, but he definitely knew his routine and was able to go do it by himself.  We ran into Alivia and her cousins on our way in, too, so it was fun to get a picture of the 4 of them together.  I was pregnant with all of their moms when I lived in Nibley - fun to see them all grown up!  

As I drove away from dropping off my first born to pre-school...wait for it... I DIDN'T CRY!!I was seriously so excited for this big guy to be able to start pre-school finally.  He was definitely ready!

It's been 3 weeks and Tim is doing AMAZING in school.  He loves pre-school days and hasn't complained once about going.  He's always happy to show us what's in his backpack at the end of the day.  My favorite has been his "About Me" book.  There's a page for his color of hair.  His said "brown."  I don't know if I should be concerned that he's already denying his red headed cuteness, or maybe his pre-school teacher doesn't know her colors :)  I'm thinking he probably colored it brown and then the teacher wrote brown.  Good try, buddy.  But you're not fooling anyone!

Living in Logan

After living in Provo for the summer, we moved to Logan and are living at Tony and Mel's house for  Brock's LAST SEMESTER EVER of school.  Can't believe I just typed that.... can it be December yet?!!  I'm excited to get on with life, but Tim is LOVING living at Grandma's.  What kid doesn't love an endless supply of chocolate milk and candy?  Tim definitely has figured out that mom says "No" WAY more than grandma does.  And he's definitely figured out how to use that to his advantage.  To say he is spoiled is an understatement.  He is ROYALLY spoiled.  Little stink.  

This was the night that Deacon figured out the typical baby "if I drop this, you'll pick it up" game.  He thinks he's so funny.  Which is fine, cause he is a pretty funny kid!

Karter is over a few days a week and Deacon loves having his buddy.  I just wish he didn't show it by clawing at his face!  We have to be super careful when Karter is within reach of Deacon.  But it's obvious when either Karter or Chase is around, Deacon loves it.  I'm so excited to watch these three boys grow up together!

Deacon's also really learned "Peek-a-Boo."  The kid LOVES playing it.  He also LOVES playing in clothes, so usually the two of those things go together.  He's such a crack up.  He totally gets it too.  Sometimes he'll hide and pop right back out.  Other times he takes his time and giggles.  He's totally doing it on purpose.  So funny and cute.

Oh, Timmy and Deacon.  How I love watching you bond over wrestling!  These two have started wrestling each other.  It's SO STINKING ADORABLE!! Tim gets that he can't go 100% crazy when wrestling Deacon, but they definitely go at it.  And they both love it.  It's hilarious.  I got it on video too.  I really hope they keep loving each other and bonding over boy things.  I may not get it, but I love watching them!

Deacon has officially taken his first steps - all before he was even 10 months! Unfortunately, he takes steps because momma wants him to, not because he wants to.  But as soon as HE decides he wants to walk, he'll be off.  He's so steady standing and can stand for minutes at a time.  I guess he just likes to crawl.  

Summer at Grandma & Grandpa Frampton's

We had so much fun this summer.  We love my parent's new house and how comfy it is for us all.  Tim got a new spiderman sprinkler he wanted to try out there one day and had a blast running through it.  I can't wait for the family house to always be full of cousins.  It will come one day!

Deacon was being HILARIOUS.  He really wanted to come and join the fam outside, but we left him in a while longer to get pictures of his squished face.  


This summer, Grandma celebrated her BIG FIFTY birthday.  We missed it because that's what happens when mom works, but it was fun to see them the next day anyway.  We love when all of the grandkids are together, even if there's only 4 of them.  

Grandma loves her "SQUISH"  That's one of Deacon's nicknames, but it's pretty much all he's called over at grandma's house!

Me and My Boys

After church a few weeks ago, Mel suggested we should take some family pictures since we all inadvertently matched.  (Side note: It's so weird how often we all end up matching - I guess I have different moods when I get us all dressed!) Anyway, of course Brock didn't want to take pictures so it ended up being me and the boys.  I LOVE these pictures.  I love my boys so much and am glad I have some pictures of us at this stage in our lives.  It may be hard at times (most of the time), but they truly give me more joy than I ever knew possible.  I love my little red headed crazy boy and my adorable blue eyed babe.

Few More from Provo

Our little Provo apartment was perfect for Brock's 12 week internship this past summer.  We were able to live off only the necessities and didn't have a hard time packing up and leaving. We still had some fun little memories there, even though it hardly feels like we were ever home!  We traveled up to Logan and Centerville so much all summer that we were really only home about 3 days out of every week!

Deacon grew to love food LOTS.  Brock had a grand idea to fill his entire tray with mashed potatoes.  This is what happened.

This is probably the best picture I have of the two of them to date.  One day I'll get a good one outside.  But they were being so cute and playing together on the bed.  They are really growing close lately.  Momma's dream!

I had Emma take some pictures of me the night we shot my promo video for my photo business.  I don't have many pics of me, but figured I should include one for the boys :)