Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Phone Dump 2014

First time meeting Auntie Lilli

Caught Tim sitting still in Church.  A Sunday MIRACLE!

Deacon's first time swimming.  We went to the YMCA in Omaha.  He did great!

The worst part of moving! The hurricane you live in for a couple weeks!

The other worst part of moving - not having a table to eat at.

Brock and I went to see Wicked for our 7 year anniversary.  It was right before our move to Utah. It was so amazing that Brock took his mom to see it a couple days later for Mother's Day since she was in town helping us move!

The trip back to Utah!

This is what happens when momma tries to work!

This is what happens when momma gets lazy and Tim is hungry!

Logan Canyon

This is where the name "Squish" comes from.  We would say "Fat baby, fat baby!" to Deacon and he would do this in his stroller.  You can see this is from two different days.

Playing with one of the twins, Blake :)

Alice trying on my wedding dress while I cleaned out our storage.  It fit her almost perfectly!

Napping at Grandma Steff's.

Trafalga was our favorite place this summer when we lived in Provo.  Tim finally started to enjoy rides!

Tim's "beautiful" letter "C"

Snow cones in Provo!

Trafalga with the Thurgoods

Napping at the grandparent's again!

There was a random lizard up at Mel's one day.  Naturally Brock tried to catch it.  All he did was cut its tail off.  SO sad.  But the best part was it ran next door apparently because Tara and her kids caught it!  We put it in a terrarium for a few days and then let him go.

Rides at auntie Mo's.  We didn't have Tim's super warm clothes so he had to get bundled up in girl clothes. 

Momma trying to work again....

First time in the car shopping cart.

At our favorite park - The Whittier Center

The face of a baby who keeps eating a lemon slice!

Drive through Sardine

Las Vegas! Brock and I went to Las Vegas for Matt and Lisa's sealing in November.  It was such a fun trip, and just what we needed for just the two of us.  

At our favorite park with Emmy!

Cache Valley

Another day at the park with Emmy!

Boys will be boys apparently.

Emma is home from China!