Thursday, February 19, 2015

More Playing Outside Pics! (Because that's what you do when its 60 degrees in February)

I feel the need to explain that there are always WAY more pics of Deacon because Tim is always off doing his own thing.  Deacon is less mobile (barely) so he has to be my picture subject.  Poor kid.... 

Our Weekend Home

So since we still have another few days before we move, I've been trying to get all of my "projects" done before moving in so we can just move in and settle down FINALLY! I'm ready.  Tim is ready.  I don't think the other two really care where they rest their heads at night and put their stuff.  But that's ok.  So since it's be SUPER warm around these parts lately, I've been taking advantage of being able to paint in the middle of a Utah February.  Since all of our stuff is down at mom and dad's house, I've been going down there for the weekends to get all my projects done.  I've painted an armoire/entertainment center, 2 sofa tables, 2 night stands, a step stool, a magazine holder, a cabinet, a paper towel holder, a big frame, and Lilli's desk (why not keep painting while we were at it).  I've ruined my favorite jeans and will be REPAINTING a few of the pieces that I don't like the color of.  But seriously, I've had so much fun!  It's so fun to get a house in order, especially one that is more permanent than anywhere we have lived in the past 4 years.  Mom has helped me a ton in the distressing.  It seemed every piece I touched to try and distress just ended up looking stupid.  Oops. I can't wait to put our home together in just a few more days!!!

While we were in Centerville last weekend, it happened to be Emmaline's first date and first dance.  Of course "funny" papa Chris decided to be the intimidating dad.  Hilariously, Emmaline's poor date was super ready for something to happen and was actually relieved that this was all it was.  The night before Landon scared the poor thing so bad that he was SO NERVOUS to come pick Emmaline up and was getting all ready to have to deal with the boys, but especially Landon.  So funny.  

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Reading Scriptures

I wish I had a video to go with this, but writing will just have to do!  It was so sweet the other night.  We told the boys it was time to read scriptures, and Tim promptly said "I can read it myself!"  When we read, he usually repeats after me.  I love doing it because I think it's also helping with his word pronunciation since he struggles a bit.  Anyway, he started to "read" and it was so adorable.  To start off, he said "And it came to pass," and then went on about "Heavenly Father, and Jesus came to earth and then died, and then went up back to Heaven."  He said some other things too, but it just all melted my heart.  I especially LOVED that he has picked up on the phrase "and it came to pass" since it's used so much in the Book of Mormon.  It was sweet tender moment, definitely a parenting win!

Friday, February 13, 2015

Wedding Picture Updates

I've been wishing for a long time that I had the RAW files to my wedding pictures so I could enhance them.  And I don't know why, but I just tonight thought about the fact that even though they are JPGS, I can edit them in Lightroom like they are RAW files! So I did :) It was so fun to see my pics in a different way and finally be able to notice that some of them are real gems!  They are still really grainy, but I figure I won't be printing them huge so it doesn't really matter anyway! I'm excited to finally get some up on our walls and have a plan for a big gallery wall in our master bedroom.  After playing around with them, I realized that it may be good for our relationship to have our wedding pictures on the wall to remind us of all the reasons we got married almost EIGHT years ago. I'm excited to move into our new house and figure out exactly how to print these now!


Thursday, February 12, 2015

Another Day Outside in February!

I will NEVER complain about this AMAZING weather we've gotten this February!  It was ANOTHER day outside today.  We went and had a picnic at the park, played there for a bit, came home and rested, and then went back outside for another few hours! And the best news is there is only warmth in the future forecast, too.  I guess I'll be ok that we stayed in Utah instead of moving to sunny California. This year anyway....

Love that he noticed his shoe coming off and tried to fix it!

Timmy and Evan were playing an intense game of "COPS"

Oh, this little guy.  Like EVERY other boy, he LOVES being outside.  And literally throws a FIT every time we go back inside.  

Checking his blindspot.... HA!

This is the tantrum that ensued after grabbing him and yelling at him for going into the road....again....

We're so glad when Daddy comes home!!

Pre School Visit

It was so fun to see Tim in his element at Pre-School today.  I volunteered to take their group picture for their Valentine's Day party, so I came in a little early to see what Tim is like at school.  He acts just about how I thought he would!  Tim has always been very good at entertaining himself.  He likes to play alone, and does well at it.  I contribute a lot of that to the fact that it was just me and him for 3 1/2 years before Deacon graced us with his presence.  I always considered it a good thing, too.  And I still think it is.  However, since he's started pre-k and will start Kindergarten next year, I'm concerned with him playing with other kids.  I guess not concerned in an I worry about his ability to, more just I worry that my kid will be the one left out at school! I think that's probably every momma's fear though!  So while watching him today, my heart broke a little as I realized he was playing by himself.  But then after helping Deacon for a minute, I turned around to him playing very loudly with the two other boys in his class.  And my momma heart was put back together!  

When we go the park, Tim ALWAYS finds a friend to play with.  And then plays amazing with them. I don't know why I worry, but it was fun to see him playing with his classmates today.  I'm so proud of him!

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Splish, Splash! But Definitely More SPLASH!

Sometimes life just needs to be documented.  And a little naked baby bum in the bath is one of those times!  This KID! OI!! He's all over the place, but it's so fun to see him not just figure things out, but truly do WHATEVER he thinks up.  Fun now anyway.  I'm terrified for the future!